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Networking is basically the process of establishing and harnessing productive relationships for the amassment of business based initiatives. In our everyday life, maintaining a reasonable and profitable relationship is very sacrosanct. How well we are able to connect and maintain long-term relationships is sometimes used as a yardstick to judge the quality of character. As in everyday life, it is also of great importance in the business realm. In this case, it not only defines your quality of character; it also shows your level of efficiency and professionalism. Unlike in the normal world, you need more than character to keep people around.

You need to show everyone you meet that you can do them just as better as they can do you. Usually, the growth of your business depends solely on the number of people you’re able to effectively connect with. You and I understand that jobs and contracts don’t just fly in the air. Maybe they do, but you need to know how and where to grab yours. It is required to note that there is no office or designated location where the ‘job’ networking is carried out. As a profit-minded businessman, anywhere and everywhere is an opportunity to pick up a conversation and get hooked up.

1. Change your mindset:

It is often said that success or failure is a state of mind. A person aiming at business advancement needs to first build a mind structured in a way profiting their cause. Working is usually stressful, but fun isn’t. Sometimes, we underestimate the fact that your work could get easier if you treat it as fun. For effective and comfortable rapport with possible clients, as a business owner, you need to clear your head of the fact that you are working and see it more as a simple conversation. Composure would be easier if you keep the number of sales you need to make that month out of your mind. In fact, it becomes fun. It doesn’t all have to be about the business in the first place. You need to take your time to groom the conversation except you want to have an ‘instant noodle’ type. You also need to understand that there’s no profit in lurking around awaiting those who would walk up to you, learn to make the first move.
2. Be yourself:

I understand that it often seems interesting when someone says “I love volleyball” and you can answer “my best sport”. But as interesting as it seems, there might be a rough end to that little false statement. You need not overstate the height of your capacity or that of your establishment. If you influence and attract investors being who you are not, you might not be able to keep up with the pace of the feigned quality through which you acquired them. You really need to ask a lady who lied about having a large wardrobe to a colleague she later desired to ask over for dinner. The quality of your conversation needs to represent exactly who you are, to enable you to replicate that easily every time.

3. Have a set plan and goal:

In as much as we advise that you work with so much ease, it is also vital that you have a driving force. Sometimes it takes just that to up your efficiency. If you have a working plan that you go by, you will be able to keep yourself in line as per what your objectives are. Your plan should basically be channeled towards what you expect of your business after a stipulated point in time (your goal). It would also be better if you raise the bar a bit beyond your comfort zone, this will spur more dedication and seriousness.
4. Be smart:

Whenever you leave your abode, understand that anywhere could become your office that day. You need to keep a mental log of what’s in the brain-box of your business. Most importantly, whenever you leave for a planned meeting, have an outlined number of imperative and enticing discussions that you plan to stage about your business. There is absolutely no shame in practicing what the conversation would be like but you also need to learn to be spontaneous, as things might not always take your turn. Also, you only have to set the ball rolling, do not be the only one kicking it. In trying to ‘own’ the conversation (which is good), ensure that you do not block the other party out. A good listener is eventually the best speaker.

5. Be interesting:

Although you have a formal agenda as said above, you need to make your conversation as light and enthralling as possible. As stated in No.2, it might fascinate people to know that their interests and views are somewhat related to yours, but it’s even more engrossing when they realize that they could learn another view to life from you. A good communicator also knows when to walk away. You can’t keep it going till rapture, so you ought to be able to discern when to say ‘’I’m sorry but I have to go”. Keep them wanting for more. Remember what they say about when the ovation is loudest.
6.Cross the business line:

People nowadays feel a bit more comfortable and safe going into business with someone who is more of an acquaintance than just another businessman. So, you need to jump the business card. Create a slightly informal atmosphere, this way you would invite friendship very slowly. And to do this, you need to:

7. Use the ‘K.I.T’:

Yes. You need to ‘Keep In Touch’. It is not enough to just sweep one of their feet the very first time you meet them, get their card, and bury it deep in your locker as an award for excellence. You need more than just that if you are going to achieve the above stated. It’s called a follow-up. Trust the fact that there are many like you already walked up to that same person that same day, just like you did. So, don’t get upset that you have to put occasional emails, texts and calls through just to ‘remind them of your name’.

The above listed are very key tips to note, but that doesn’t leave out other tips you get on a regular. One of those regular but vital points is a smile. It is important to always try to wear a welcoming face, as this tells more than you know how comfortable your discussant is with you. You should also learn than in networking, you have to hold on to only that which is necessary and profitable to your mission in the long run. Not all contacts you meet are important enough to ‘transform into friends’ as it is required for effective networking. Do not forget, that constant preparedness is what fuels self-confidence which is a basic networking tool.

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