I Have Chosen to Work for God: Rawder Kidula Resigns From HOPE FM KENYA

HOPE FM KENYA - Rawder Kidula

Many people tell me that they love my job, I get comments like ‘you really love what you do’ and ‘you are really called for this’ so this may be shocking: That I have decided to resign. I haven’t found another job, the so-called greener pastures, my season is not yet over, it is just something I have decided to do after carefully praying and thinking. For a long time, I have found peace at my workplace, found joy doing what I do, I have received my salary in good time and I have felt appreciated. But something has been missing.

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You know, I have come to realize that I cannot be afforded; no amount of money can buy who I am and what I do. Even if I am promoted, the money will never be enough. I have the best colleagues ever, but they cannot be my source of motivation daily, they cannot be my source of peace. I have tried working for longer hours but something is just not right. I have tried talking to people about it but no one understands. That I don’t get fulfilled: That I am not happy. A voice within me has been whispering ‘resign’ and today I have decided to obey. I haven’t told anyone about this, I know my family and friends would be surprised. I intend to deliver this letter today, my last day at work, and of course, give my explanation. It’s time to let go.

From today, I am no longer working for CITAM. I am no longer working for HOPEMEDIA. I will still go there every morning; I will still receive a salary from them. But I won’t work for them! I have chosen to work for God. To do everything with God in mind, sit at my desk for God, go on air for God, and put my hope in the Lord, not on the responsibilities given and salary received. I will rise up and do everything I am expected to do knowing that my reward is in heaven. I will work with excellence knowing I have to give God my all. I will rejoice at work and be a good steward, knowing that it is a blessing. I shall stop complaining about what is not yet there, and focus on what is already there. No task will be too small for me, or too big for me, because through Christ, I can do all things.

So if you have been depending on your job, on your boss, on your salary. I advise you to resign too. And draft your application to work for God. He never turns them down. And in Him, you will bear fruit in whatever responsibility you are given. You will experience true satisfaction knowing that your reward is bigger and your labor is not in vain!
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