I have been at University and now going in my 3rd year. I can perfectly understand how weekends can get so boring more especially for freshers and people who don’t have so many friends. Although most people spend their weekends clubbing, having a drink up…doing small private parties, going to the beach sometimes or playing video games…not everyone can afford to live that kind of life. Here I will list the cheapest way to go about your weekend at university;

Friday Night Live (FNL) a, here you go to watch basketball games, sometimes their free sometimes you only pay 1k entrance and if your lucky you could get hooked cause their also girls.

Game Club…this is just after FNL, it’s always full on Saturday’s and with a little entrance fee. Beer is at ksh250 and you can get hooked too.

Get a few friends and head to one of those public parks for a Sunday, I highly recommend you go after lunch so you spend less on just transportation.

If you know how to swim, you could to Swimming is Ksh 200, that could help kill a Sunday afternoon.

Be alert for university activities, like every Saturday theirs a comedy show around the swimming pool, their porridge nights and other fun events. Just be alert.

If you a gamer, you could go to the mall basement and play video games with friends.

If you have a laptop, go to the library with a network cable and download movies for the weekend.

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