Making effort to actualizing dreams should also be a daily ritual

Nakku Justine Is A multi-millionaire Farmer at 25
Nakku Justine Is A multi-millionaire Farmer at 25
Having dreams is supposed to be a life-long process, an unending effort, an inspirational reserve. Making effort to actualizing dreams should also be a daily ritual. Unfortunately, not everyone sees the need to have dreams let alone to make efforts, we forget that greatness has its roots in the foundations of dreams.

Every morning you have a dream to be an influence at work and you either drive or board buses to get to the location (to actualize your dream). You don't stop driving to work because a driver insults you on the way, do you? You keep moving. It is however sad that some people fail to consciously apply this in every aspect of their lives. 

Perhaps for one reason or another, they've given up on their dreams, or do not drive their way to actualize one if they do have. It is an anomaly, an anomaly that should be corrected forthwith. Every business, every hallmark, every achievement was founded on dreams; every impact, and every invention too. 

Black Americans can, today, engage in certain activities that were denied them years ago because at some point somebody had a dream. Martin Luther King's dream did not stop at the mere vocalization of carefully stringed words, they were backed up by appropriate actions. From legal confrontations to physical demonstrations; the whites gave in to a man's dream. 

South African history is famous for the period of apartheid. A time when whites commandeered a major part of the country's resources to the detriment of the natives. The natives were no better than slaves in their own land. Then Nelson Mandela came up. He had a dream too, a dream of freedom and independence. He pursued that dream and today he is a global icon, not just for dreaming but for working towards it. 

It is important to note that Mandela and Luther King did not have it the easy way. The road towards the actualization of their dreams was long and rough, no different from the way yours is. You know their story, you should agree with me. Yet, they persevered and eventually saw the benefits. Like these two (and many others), always dream and drive. The day you stop dreaming is the day you stop living because life is all about dreams. Look around you, any unsuccessful person you see either never really had a dream or lost it at some point. Those you see making it will always tell you that they dreamt about it: that job, that career, that family, that invention, that resource centre, that clinic, etc. 

Everything is possible, you just need to acquire the seeds by dreaming, and then, to sow them by making efforts to see them become reality. 

To help you on your course towards achieving your dreams, consider these tips; 

☛Learn from mistakes and get back up whenever you fall. Did Mandela feel like throwing in the towel at different times? Yes. But he chose to hold on to that towel. Hold on to yours. 

☛Keep trying and don't think of quitting. Michael Faraday failed so many times but he kept believing, he kept trying until it paid off. Most importantly, he tried something new each time; that may be what you need - do things differently. 

☛Take responsibility for your flaws and make corrections. Don't blame it on some other person. Your dream is your dream, people are only there to support or discourage you, whichever one they offer, always remember that moving forward is up to you, not them. 

☛Basking for too long on an achievement may stand in the way of others. It is okay to celebrate but don't lose sight of your other dreams, remember it is a life-long enterprise. 

☛It is okay to dream big but it is better to break them into bits so that it becomes easier to achieve them one at a time. 

☛Whatever you do, never lose sight of your dreams. Remember them every day and preserve them in the vault of your heart. 

In a nutshell, dream, dream and keep dreaming but do not forget to work, work and keep working. Poetry Dreams only come true When you stand and walk to it, It takes patience and commitment Which are too expensive for a mediocre
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