What Does it Take to Grow a Bookworm? Find Out!

Early childhood engagement for lifelong learning

I’m not really sure myself, but this is what I’m doing to foster a love of reading for my child. Ever since she could walk I’ve taken her to the library after daycare about once a week. She always looks forward to it and I love it.

I make sure I pick her up armed with the bag of books to return from the previous week. Once inside the library, Bookworm makes her way over to the book drop box, climbs up on the stool and waits for me to place the books on the shelf and then pushes each one through the tiny window. Then she wants to be picked up to see where they have landed, ensuring our job there was done.

She likes to enter the children’s section through the small entrance from the main lobby, which makes me crouch down to follow her. We march through some bookshelves for older kids as she runs her fingers along the spines that stick out on our way to her age group, which are mainly board books. Sometimes we find an interesting “big kid” book that I think she will get something from, and honestly, is a bit more interesting to me.

I try to limit our book borrowing to about 10 books per visit, but we frequently go home with more. The reason for that is weight. She’s not carrying the books, is she? Also, reading is one of her procrastination tactics for going to bed. (The more books to read, the later the bedtime.) We also have to read and vet each and every book before it leaves the library with us. The kids’ play area doesn’t go untouched either. Not only must all the toys be played with, but repaired if broken, put away when they have ceased their usefulness, and shared with “new” kids in the area. All good things…

We sometimes run into someone we know there, whether it is a neighbor, classmate or teacher. Of course, new friends are made each time, too – at the play kitchen, Lego table and drawing station. We usually spend about an hour each time we visit the library, and there is always something new to see and read.

So, I think my plan is working, and attending library events, participating in the Learning Program and the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program also have their incentives, so we are heading in the right direction! Happy Reading!
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