Please, tell me what can I do to feel better and to ease this pain I feel within me

Sad woman sleeping next to hubby

Hours After Having this Conversation With My Boyfriend, I Can’t Find Words To Express My Pain

I need your words of encouragement because I have been thinking of doing everything evil under the sun since yesterday night, after having this conversation with my boyfriend. I cannot find words to express my pain.

I have been in this relationship with this guy for 4 years now. In these years, I have put every bit of my life in this relationship. He is 38, while I’m 26.

Everything was going smoothly for me or so I thought until I got the biggest shock of my life from my boyfriend yesterday evening. He walked up to me to say that he wanted to talk to me about something that has been bothering him.

I was all attentive. He told me that he is planning to settle down, as in get married. I was like, “okay why are you bothered then?”

He said because his family wants his bride to be his baby mama, a woman whom he was involved with 17 years ago. They parted ways 15 years ago. He said his mom is insisting that if he does not get married to her, then her death will be upon his head. I couldn’t believe my ears as he continued. He said that he sincerely loves me and would not want to part ways with me and still wants us to continue with our relationship.

I told him immediately that I cannot settle for less because I deserve better and if possible, the best. Well, honestly, since yesterday night, I have been crying my eyes out and I still do not feel relieved. Please, tell me what can I do to feel better and to ease this pain I feel within me?
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