The Biggest Blogging Challenge Most Bloggers Face


Blogging has been one the best thing that has happened in my life. My blogging journey has been long, but not too long though. I started by writing articles as a freelancer. One day I read an article (though I cannot remember which one) that WordPress can host sites for free. I was super excited to find a platform that I can share my thoughts with other people out there.

I used WordPress for 6 months; then I decided to put up my self-hosted site online. I realized blogging was becoming a part of me, and I wanted more control of my site, in terms of showing advertisements and adding plugins that I loved.

So my journey has been faced with both good times and bad times. However, today I am going to share my biggest failure as a blogger.

Not posting consistently

Back in that time, I had not researched more about blogging. I thought I should be posting when an idea strikes my head. Little did I know that becoming a blogger, you have to be an idea generator, read extensive and post regularly like one article per day or three articles per week, that is, if you want to build a bigger audience who will be reading your articles, commenting and sharing.
That challenge has been my biggest failure until now when I am writing this post.

Reasons why I fail to post consistently

Blogging is not my full-time job

Yes, that’s right. Blogging has not yet become a full-time job. Sometimes it is a hustle to balance my primary job and blogging. There is a time I feel I am over exhausted such that I cannot think anything to share with my audience. I am well aware that I can outsource freelancers from sites like (where I work) or people per hour, but I don’t do it, I don’t know why but I don’t.

Writer’s block

This is very disappointing. A lot of writers have given all the reasons why a blogger should not be faced with writer’s block, but unfortunately, I am a victim. There are times I can seat in front of my computer to write, and nothing comes out of my head. I research the keywords, I read answer’s and questions forums like Quora, but I cannot bring myself to write anything worth sharing.

The biggest challenge my site have faced because of lack of posting consistently

Decrease in traffic

I would have shown my google analytics graph, but I am very ashamed of myself hahaha you know. But on a serious note posting inconsistently has really affected my traffic a lot.

Also, when you look at the number of new visitors and returning visitors is very discouraging. My unpredicting posting has caused this.

My solution

I will step up my game. There is no shortcut. When I succeed, I will update my success.

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