Why Universities in Urban Centers Will Always be the University of Choice for Most Students in Kenya


The University of Nairobi has remained on top of the charts in the latest rankings in Kenya. It does not come as a surprise though as it has always been at the top of University rankings for almost a decade now. The latest ranking by uniRank has placed the UoN at the top once again and things seem to be getting better for the institution.

The University of Nairobi is located in the capital of Kenya and according to the infrastructure and amount of students being enrolled and applying puts them at the helm of things. Kenyatta University comes in second on the list due to its improvement in its competitiveness. KU is also located in Nairobi and this brings another issue in University rankings. Universities near urban centers are still the best choice. 7 out of 10 of the best-ranked Universities are located in Nairobi and this does prove the point.

Students will always prefer their University of choice to be near a busy urban center due to various reasons. The availability of good infrastructure in the institution will always attract a student to a particular University. The University of Nairobi tops the list because it has the best facilities that enable a student to get access to the best educational materials.

Urban centers also provide job opportunities and may link up with the nearest Universities to enable students to have an easy time. This offers a student hope that they may be easily dissolved into the urban center and start their career with less hustle.

There is also the issue of transport and access to other institutions such as banks and hospitals. Urban centers are always well built and have almost all the organizations or companies that may be of help to students. Nairobi, for example, has all banks, hospitals, bookshops, and market centers that help students get around well. The distances are also short and help save on transport.

Universities in Urban centers also provide experience to most students. Students learn to work and follow their dreams because of what they see around urban centers. To conclude this I will say that even though other universities in rural areas provide a great education, Universities near Urban centers remain top of the list.

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