As a Freelance Writer, Do NOT Compete on PRICE but VALUE!

Freelance Writer

"You are so expensive. Way too expensive. I can get this service at a cheaper price"

Has a client ever told you this? I got that from a client a few days ago when I told him what I charge for writing. Funny thing is that I feel like there are way more expensive writers out there.

Many clients who told me that eventually came back to me after crazy disappointments out there. Some have stayed with me for years, given me bonuses, and even agreed to pay me more than the initial price that they were complaining about!


The real thing they feel at first is that the VALUE they'll get from you is not worth the price. In some cases, the clients themselves are not yet at the level where they can contract your kind of services.


This requires a match; a writer (or any other service provider) who creates valuable stuff, and go-getter clients who keep working on their products and processes. Once you get a good match, there's no limit to what you both can do.

I've created a sales page for someone that went evergreen. It's been converting clients for that person for almost a year, and it's still going strong. Apart from my own sales pages and products, that sales page is the highest paid sales page I've ever done for someone, ever.

On the other hand, the person I wrote for has never gotten such returns from a sales page (plus online sales campaigns) in her entire life! After all, the page is evergreen, earning consistent income almost a year later! Before I pitched to her, she had absolutely no idea what a sales page is hehe. Eventually, she understood the VALUE.


No, this is not one of those easy tips. This is HARD. Know that from the start. Only a percentage of people gets this right.

To increase your PRICE, you have to increase your VALUE. Otherwise, you'll be ignored by all clients. You'll be that guy who is too expensive for nothing.

You increase your value by massive learning and implementation.

Personally, I've learned a lot from free resources such as blogs, podcasts, videos, webinars and mailing lists. I've learned even more from paid resources like books and courses.

I implement the lessons right here. I take action with my own audience to ensure I got it all right. And once everything is in place, I go out there and search for valuable clients.


The reward is that you ACTUALLY can get clients at a high price point. This means you earn more.

A better reward, at least for me, is that with higher price points, you don't need to get lots of clients. It's so much fun and cooler at the top.

Take my writing course for example. When I was charging Sh. 500 ($5), I needed 8 trainees to get Sh. 4k ($40). If you really want those 8 to succeed (as I usually do), it will take a lot of WORK to help each of the 8 to satisfaction.

Now that the course goes for Sh. 4k ($40), I just need one trainee to get the same price as above! I can then focus on giving that ONE trainee the BEST of me, increasing their chances of success.

The same can goes for any other service you provide. At a higher price, you'll just need a handful of clients and you'll give each other MASSIVE VALUE.

One of my mentors, Bryan Harris, charges $7,000 for his online course. He just targets 10 trainees per month. He filters them out and only accepts those most likely to succeed. In the end, he claims to have an 85% success rate in his course. Some of the biggest names in the world have passed through his hands.

This leads to my favorite reward of having higher price points: SUCCESS STORIES! You literally change people's lives for the better.

I believe some of you in "senior class" know the benefits of having successful customers. Basically, you increase the customer lifetime value to your business i.e. they become repeat customers and even product evangelists (people who give you tons of referrals).

Make sure whatever you do create success stories. When you're old and gray, there should be tons of success stories following you.

Remember that to create success stories, you need to be a success story yourself.

Do not compete on PRICE. Compete on VALUE. Eventually, you'll not feel like it's a competition (since it really isn't), you'll CRAFT and DOMINATE your space. You'll be the go-to guy for your kind of results. You'll actually be filtering out clients, and only going for those most likely to succeed.

- Walter
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