Online freelance writers: What you should know about pricing!

Online freelance writer

Let's get down to the math (facts only) here is how much you can make as a freelance writer.

Here we will explore writers at different levels of writing 5 articles a day for 26 days a month.

TOTAL NEWBIE ==> $390 to $650 per month

Let's assume the first month will be spent on learning, right?

When learning, you can earn anything from $3 to $5 per 500 words in sites like iWriter and Freelancer. You should NOT be comfortable with this amount. In fact, you should not work with rate past ONE MONTH.

Also, note that this is a bare MINIMUM! Go for higher-paying jobs. If you write 5 articles per day for 26 days a month, you'll earn roughly the above amount as a newbie.


To earn this, simply go for articles paying between $5 and $10 per 500 words. Make sure you write a minimum of 5 per day for 26 days and you'll earn the above amount. You can get such jobs on Fiverr and Upwork as well. This can be in your second month when you're still learning.

EXPERT/GURU/SEASONED WRITER - $2,600 to $5,000+ (no real upper limit though)

As an expert writer, you don't have constraints.

Here, you go for the higher paying articles that pay you $20-$50+ per 500 words. There is no upper limit to what you can charge!

You can create a team and outsource articles to multiply your earnings.

You can even start a blog and pull clients who will easily pay you $100 and above per 500 words (among many other benefits of blogging). Apart from blogging, you can also get these kinds of clients from cold-pitching and social media (e.g. international Facebook groups and LinkedIn).

Aim to get here within 2-6 months of writing. And as an industry expert, you can also consider training other upcoming writers at a fee!


This is very important.

Some people are pricing really low on freelancing sites. And they end up earning peanuts.

Rich clients may NEVER even check your bid/pitch if you price too low. If a client is looking to pay someone $20 per 500 words, high chances are that he won't even check the $2 - $10 pitches/proposals. He'll consider them desperate, cheap writers.

Therefore, NEVER bid too low for projects on bidding sites. Always check the client's budget and bid either at their price or slightly higher.

The same applies for when you're looking for clients through social media, blogging or cold-pitching.

Aim to get to at least $10 per 500 words as soon as possible and keep going up to even $50 and above.

Clients pay for quality. Therefore ensure your quality is on point before applying. I usually check the quality of the articles sent in by my trainees before they start bidding.

In case your quality is really low, you can consider learning the marketing bit then hiring a great writer to work for you.

Also, remember that if we start pitching high and pricing well, clients will start respecting us more in the industry.

Bottom line

So, there, my friend is how much a writer can make in different stages of growth.

Note that there are some who don't start at the very bottom. You can still start higher up the ladder. There's no harm in trying.

Only those who implement as above and have the right skills end up earning. Nowadays, even low paying clients won't hire you if you deliver poor content.

Remember that no skill, no action, no glory.

By: Walter Akolo - Founder of FreelancerKenya
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