Simple and free divine marriage principles

Wedding cake

Marriage is not for the show. It doesn't really matter what outsiders think about your marriage, only God is the sole audience of your marriage. Some couples go out of their way to improve the cosmetic appearances of their marriages to impress outsiders while inwardly their marriages are falling apart.

While extravagant weddings and anniversaries; expensive gifts and exotic vacations may impress outsiders, they really don't add value to marriage; often they leave couples buried under insurmountable debt.

The most important things in life that really add value to your marriage are free; these are unconditional love, respect, courtesy, submission, affection, intimacy, honesty, companionship, commitment, and admiration.

Turn your eyes away from people and purpose together to apply these simple and free divine marriage principles and watch God turn your marriage into a happy, healthy, satisfying and long-lasting holy union.
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