To Avoid More Fire Risks Get The Right Extinguisher For Every Fire

Fire Extinguisher

CLASS A FIRES: Wood, paper, trash, and other materials that have glowing embers when they burn. 

➭Extinguisher to Use: For Class A fires, use a Class A or Class ABC extinguisher. • Always remember that a Class A extinguisher contains water and should be used only on a Class A fire. • Used on gasoline, it can spread the fire; used on electrical fires, it can cause you to be electrocuted. 

CLASS B FIRES: These are fires involving flammable liquids and gases, such things as gasoline, solvents, paint thinners, grease, LPG, and acetylene. 

➭Extinguisher to Use: Use Class B or Class ABC extinguishers. 

CLASS C FIRES: These are fires in energized electrical equipment. 

Extinguisher to Use: Use a Class BC or Class ABC extinguisher.
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