Why we shouldn't have sex just for fun

Happy black couple in bed

Many people will wonder why am I saying this and who in this generation doesn't have sex even if it's just for fun. My reasons are this;

I do not believe sex is an essential need rather is a trap. I think that sex is, in fact, a strong weakness that many suffer from and which is not based on the need for pleasure. Many people convince themselves that they sex is for pleasure so as to invincible, however, the truth is that everyone has sex because of an overwhelming need to be loved, which makes us vulnerable.

We all have that strong need to be loved, truly and wanted and needed and appreciated and kissed, hugged all those things that our hearts desire.

So it's important to understand that sex is not what satisfies your/our need for love, your need for love does not ever go out of control so that you need to have sex to keep it under control.

For my part, because I understand that what I need is love and not sex, I do not engage in sex while waiting for love. Sex by itself is damaging in the sense that the desire for it, when taken by itself, grows your sex drive into an insatiable monster which eventually takes over you and uses you instead of the other way round. For one to maintain control over one's sex drive sex must be combined with love. In the absence of love, you are best advised to abstain. Sex without love turns your body into a moving car without a driver, a collision with something unknown is the destiny of such a car.
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