Step by step instruction to change the author name in your blog

Blogger author name

Publishing new post will display the Author's Name and some of the templates will display the Author's Name and can click it to redirect to the author profile page. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to change your Author's Name whenever you are posting or viewing your post and change or remove the redirect.

Follow the step by step instruction below to change the author name in your blog.

First: How to change the Author's Name.
Step 1: Go to your blogger dashboard.
Step 2: Click on Template.
Step 3: Click on Edit HTML and click inside the box.
Step 4: Press Ctrl+F to search for <>.
<> - This is the author name.
Step 5: Change <> into something else like Admin.

Search for all the <> you can find and change all of them into the name you want to display in your blog. Congratulations! well done! do not forget to save your work by clicking the Save Template button on the upper left of the box.

Second: Change or Remove the redirect link when clicking the Author's Name.

After searching for <>.
if you can see <a href="Redirect Site"> <> </a> something like this.
then let us continue.

Remove Redirect Link:

Step 1: Remove or Delete <a href="Redirect Site"> </a> and remain the <> or the Author Name.
Step 2: Save Template! and check it. you can't click the Author Name.

Change Redirect Link:

Step 1: Change the Redirect Site into the site where you want to Redirect whenever clicking the Author's Name.
Step 2: Save Template! and check it. When clicking the Author's Name will Redirect into the Page you put.

Thanks For Reading! Have a Nice Day!

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