President Kenyatta Appeals to Kenyans to Support Bible Translation #BibiliaKwaWote

President Kenyatta Reading the Bible

President Uhuru Kenyatta has sent an appeal to Kenyans to support the Bible translation process. The President will be joining the Bible Society of Kenya; today and will be presiding over the fundraising event.

This process will allow the Bible to be translated into the remaining local languages and make it easier to share the word of God across all cultures.

“I am appealing to every single Kenyan who understands that It is God who has put us in his land; it is God who has kept us safe let us join hands and spread the word of God through our land in whatever language. It is not how much you give but it is the intention that matters” he said

According to the Bible Society of Kenya, their goal is to ensure every Kenyan can read the Bible in their language so the scripture can go to their hearts.

Bible translation enables communities to develop holistically, by strengthening good moral values such as love, good neighborliness, kindness, respect and becoming good stewards of their environment when they read and embrace its beliefs.

Some of the gospel artists that have come out to support this initiative include Daddy Owen and Pitson. Kenyans are expected to raise funds and mobilize resources for this course.

The Bible Society of Kenya believes that it will be our community pride and joy when every people group has been reached with the word of God in a language they understand best which is mother tongue.

They have urged Kenyans to help in making it a reality by contributing to the Bible Translation Trust Fund.

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