The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics through the Ministry of State for Planning, National Development, and Vision 2030 is embarking on the 2019 census to determine the national population under the Statistics Act of 2006.

The Kenyan Census is one of the most intensive state jobs that requires a lot of manpower to do the counting. As such, it is expected that there will be openings for census jobs.

While this is a much-anticipated opportunity for many unemployed Kenyans, it should be noted that the Bureau has not yet announced any job openings.

As such, people should remain vigilant of conmen on social media and the internet asking Kenyans for money so they can be given the jobs. KNBS has not announced any census jobs yet.

Statement from KNBS on rumors circulating on social media

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) would like to bring to the attention of the public that it has not placed any job advertisement for the 2019 Census, as is being purported through social media.

We wish to notify the public that all our recruitments are coordinated from our Human Resource Management and Development office in Nairobi. All KNBS job advertisements are done through the daily newspapers, uploaded on the website,, and a link sent to the official social media sites. Anytime you receive job advertisements purported to be from the Bureau, kindly verify such details from our official platforms.

The recruitment processes are free, fair and do not involve an exchange of money or favors of any kind. Members of the public are therefore advised NOT to send any money for employment.

The people behind the advert are fraudsters and conmen posing as employees of the Bureau for their selfish gains.

We caution the public to be wary of such individuals who purport to be recruiting on behalf of the Bureau.


As of now, KNBS is undertaking preliminary actions ahead of the forthcoming 2019 census. Ones the Bureau is ready, they will conduct their advertisements to the public accordingly.

Upon announcement, the jobs will be categorized into three main groups, namely, senior supervisors, supervisors, and enumerators.

The Bureau will outline the requirements for each category. For now, Kenyans should not fall prey to any Census jobs hoax on the internet. Stay Vigilant!!
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