Easy Steps To Install A Zuku Dish On Your Own

Easy Steps To Install A Zuku Dish On Your Own
So, you have moved houses and have lacked someone to install the satellite dish for you? Or maybe you have bought a Zuku kit and in a very rare case, you have lacked someone to install it for you. Or maybe you have bought a Zuku kit and in a very rare case, you have lacked someone to install it for you. Well, you are in luck because I will tell you how to install the satellite dish on your own and enjoy the monthly services offered by Zuku at a fee.

In the title, I said it was very easy. It's true its the easiest thing ever, that's if you follow all the instructions. Which direction does Zuku dish face? Which satellite does Zuku use? All these answers as you read.

Before you get down to business, let me take you through some very important points. Today I was watching BBC World News and saw an advertisement and this was the tag line “HSBC Premier, your personal economy in good hands”. Let me ask you will your entertainment be in good health or will you watch Zuku Action with a bruised ego after falling from the roof and breaking your leg or arm? Bruised ego -because there is no way you can install a satellite dish with a broken body part, plus the installation will have to be done by someone else. To make matters worse you will have to pay the installation fee plus your medical bill.

Satellite dish installers have no fear of heights and if you fear heights then get a professional to do it for you. Secondly, do you have the right equipment to do the job? A satellite dish installer has an arsenal of tools and equipment to help with the installation and maximizing the signal quality.
When you moved houses, did you remember to remove the wall nuts from the concrete wall where the dish was installed? Do you even know what wall nuts are? If you forgot them then you can buy steel nails at your local hardware. Normal nails will not penetrate a concrete wall but will work well with wood. But wood on the other hand usually rots so if you are going to nail your dish mount on a wooden surface, make sure water does not get to it. A painted fisher board is a good place to start.

These are the tools you will need.
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Number 10 and 12 spanner
  • Cable stripper
  • Satellite finder
  • Spirit level
I believe by now you have:-

  • A 65cm Satellite dish with no missing nuts and or bolts (complete set)
  • an LNB
  • Enough cable length (black in color is the best)
  • 4 F-type connectors
  • Eagerness and a lot of time on your hands.
  • Are you sure you have time, trust me you will need it.

These are the very easy steps:

  • Mount the arm on the roof first by using the wall nuts or nails. But make sure you use the spirit level to mount it upright all the way around. Any slight deviation will make the job very difficult. Also, mount the supporting two arms on the wall.
  • Place the dish on the mount and it should sustain the weight of the dish, if it is too heavy for the mount, then repeat step one all over again. A dish on a shaky mount is stress waiting to happen.
  • Now if you have a satellite finder, then the job will be too easy for you.
  • If you do not have a satellite finder then you can use them
  • So, you do not have a satellite finder and you do not want to buy another decoder because it will cost you money. Hmm, there is a method you can install that Zuku satellite dish without using any of the two mentioned devices above. This is the method I use and it works perfectly. It might cost you some extra time, but the knowledge and experience are worth it.
  • Zuku uses the SES 5 satellite positioned at 5 degrees East.
Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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