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How to get your perfect avocado

Buying an avocado in Nairobi can be a daunting task. An avocado in Nairobi is not only expensive but can also be very disappointing. You can spend a whole day walking through the busiest Nairobi markets hoping to find one that not only appeals to the epicenter of your eyeballs but will also raise all your center points of sweetness. 

After a long walk in Gikomba market through Muthurwa, you finally settle on this one avocado being sold at Marikiti. Marikiti is a market sandwiched between two bus stations all delivering goods and passengers from upcountry. Furthermore, Marikiti is known for fresh organic fruits brought from various parts of the country as well as neighboring countries like Uganda and Tanzania. With this knowledge in your pocket, you genuinely trust that this avocado will be the sweetest ever.

The vendor proceeds to give you the reassurance that this avocado is not like those avocados that grow by the banks of River Nairobi. In Nairobi, it is very difficult to separate genuine products from counterfeits. The vendor allows you to touch this gem but cautions that you shouldn’t press it hard so that should you change your mind, the other buyers will still find it in good shape. Both the skin tone and the size match the description in your mind. It is smooth and has no signs of any scar that is known to make these types of fruits ugly.

You pack this avocado in your bag ready to go home for a sumptuous meal. Your inner thoughts tell you that you need security to accompany you home. In this Nairobi, people have the tendency to steal nothing, everything, and anything. At home, you unpack your avocado, the one that had screamed to your eyes earlier at Marikiti. As your hand clasps around it, you realize the texture is now reminiscent of old donkey skin- wrinkled. But that is not an issue. In any case, who would blame an avocado for changing skin texture within the distance from Marikiti to Kinoo amidst this scorching sun of Nairobi? The size is intact. This doesn’t dash your hopes of having a sumptuous meal of avocado.

Most of these foods have to be peeled before being eaten. You peel the avocado from Marikiti. It is not easy removing this avocado’s shell but you struggle anyway. The undressed fruit before you does not look as promising as before. Some parts have dark spots. You take the first bite in faith and it tastes like sugarless pawpaw. You do not take another bite. You feel duped. Fakeness everywhere! The skin tone that had promised you a blissful meal now has the same texture as that of a crocodile. Nairobi avocados! There is a massive avocado problem in Nairobi. Little by little, you stop loving Nairobi avocados as you think they are all the same. You decide that going forward, you only will eat avocados that your mother-in-law brings from the village. Organic avocados with uncontaminated skin tones and sizes. The avocados that grow in your father-in-law's compound are juicy and original. These are the real avocados.

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