Where to shop the best cheap and trendy second-hand clothes 'mitumba' in Nairobi, Kenya

Cheap and trendy second-hand clothes 'mitumba' in Nairobi, Kenya

Are you having a hard time to figure out where to shop the best cheap and trendy second-hand clothes 'mitumba' in Nairobi, Kenya?

These are the places to look for:

1. Gikomba
This is one of the best and largest secondhand clothes markets in Nairobi with thousands of traders selling Mitumba items.

It's Located at Kamukunji road. If you are an early riser go on Saturday morning and get yourself a new wardrobe.

You get clothes for as low as 50bob.

2. Toi market
Also called Adams. It's situated along Ngong Road just behind Adams arcade.

The market is divided into two: closer to Ngong road things are a bit expensive with up to Kshs 3000 and further down opposite Toi primary they are cheap.

3. Globe cinema
Probably the main cause of human traffic along that road, globe cinema hosts a long line of stalls selling unique designer outfits for prices less than Sh 1000.

Go a bit later in the evening and you'll find hawkers selling clothes on the pavements

You get great jeans just at Kshs 200.

4. Mutindwa
There was a time when this was the best place to get all second-hand things but due to structural development in Buruburu, not much is sold.

Is a great place to get secondhand bags and shoes.

5. Muthurwa
It's found in the CBD

This is a great place to quickly shop at lunch hours. Although it's not much of mitumba items, the clothes are sold at a very fair price.

6. Bus station CBD
Prices range from Sh 50 to Sh 500 for amazing brand-new items and second-hand clothes.

The stalls are found in the heart of the station.

7. City Stalls along Moi Avenue
Find shops like Mitumba chap of Grace Wambere situated at Venus shopping mall shop No. 30 where you get Mitumba clothes e.g dresses from Sh 50 - Sh 1000 depending on quality.

There are a lot of many stalls around which give good discounts.

Instead of asking what they have on the show, ask for discounted outfits they sell on the side.

8. Ngara
If you are, slow on what's trending in the fashion world visit Ngara.

Just after the Globe cinema roundabout opposite Fig tree is a long line of shops selling designer second-hand clothes.

Prices are a bit higher than in other places because of the trending quality clothes they offer.

However, it's a great place to invest if you want to change your wardrobe.
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