8 Kenya fashion tips that will ensure that you remain glamorous.

8 Kenya fashion tips that will ensure that you remain glamorous.

With new fashion trends in Kenya coming up every other day, it can be extremely difficult to keep track. One way to remain fashion-forward and keep your sanity while trying to follow the latest trends, is never to break the old fashion rules. We’ll share with you some 8 Kenya fashion tips that will ensure that you remain glamorous.

Follow these and you’ll find it easy to keep up with the trends.

#1 Choose shoes you can walk in

Always buy a pair of shoes that you can actually walk in. Nothing ruins an outfit like an awkward walking style. If you can’t wear high heels, stay away and go for flats that bring out your classic style.

#2 Save for a little black dress

If you don’t have a little black dress in your life, you are committing a style crime that never goes unpunished. Every girl needs that black dress that is conservative enough to wear in a funeral but flirty enough to pull off a casual party.

#3 Have at least one pair of nice-fitting jeans

Denims will certainly never go out of style. It’s one Kenya fashion item every girl must own. You need a pair of nicely fitting jeans that looks stunning on you. Regardless of your size or skin tone, there’s always a pair of jeans that will fit just right.

#4 Don’t over-accessorize

Knowing how to accessorize can make a simple outfit pop. If you put on all your jewelry at once, you are likely to look hideous. Just know when to stop. One rule that Coco Chanel gave stylish girls is to put on all the jewelry when dressing up and take one off before stepping out.

#5 Find your color

We all have that one color that bring out our skin tone pretty perfectly. Find your color by trying out different kinds of outfits with bold color tones. And no, you don’t have to stock your entire wardrobe with clothes of a single color. Just choose several items in that color that stand out when you have a specific outfit.

#6 Wear the right undergarments

Ladies, the wrong underwear can ruin the most gorgeous outfit. When trying on your clothes, make sure you wear the right underwear. From the color to the fitting, make sure you’re not showing too much. For instance, don’t wear granny panties with white jeans that are sagging. Stay away from a bra that is constantly showing because your top is too loose or hanging.

#7 Have formal wear

You don’t dress for the job you have, you dress for the job you want. With this in mind, always have a professional look that you can wear when necessary. You don’t want to look too casual in a formal setting or on a meeting day. Every girl needs that formal wear in her closet.

#8 Look good and feel good too

Always wear something that not only makes you look good but feels good to have on. If you feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing it will show. The general rule of thumb is that if you look good, you will feel good.

Of course, there are many more Kenya fashion tips that we did not manage to cover above. Don’t be afraid to break the fashion rules whenever you need to. Think of how current fashion and beauty trends can be incorporated into your own unique style to come up with a look that turns heads for all the right reasons.
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