Looking for a job in Kenya is becoming tough, thus individuals are continually looking for new ways to supplement their income and making money online is one of those ways. Here is a guide on how to make money as a Jumia Sales Consultant.

What is Jumia Kenya?

Jumia, Kenya's no. 1 online retailer was established in May 2013 with the aim and vision to become the one-stop-shop for retail in Kenya with the implementation of best practices both online and offline. The company offers the widest assortment at an unbeatable price.

What is Jumia Jforce program?

Jumia JForce is a program that is run by Jumia Kenya and allows individuals to earn commission by assisting customers to place orders on Jumia online website or mobile application. Anybody can sign up for the program online and they can go ahead and sell any of the products listed on Jumia.

As a signed J-Force agent, you are expected to convince people to shop on the website and help them place the order to earn a commission. You earn a commission depending on the number of sales you do per month. Also, you can also make money by recruiting new sales consultants.

How Does It Work? How do I make money?

With this program, you basically earn money ordering and selling stuff from Jumia to customers. Not only earning through customer sales, but you also earn a commission even if you are the one ordering the goods for yourself.

The good thing is that you don’t even need capital to start. All you have to do is to register, as explained below.

What is in it for Me as a Jumia Consultant?

Aside from being your own boss and making mouth-watering commissions on the number of goods you order on behalf of customers, you also get trained by Jumia Kenya. As an independent contractor, Jumia trains you in order for you to make sales, establish and manage your sales team.

Secondly, you also get to attend Jumia conferences, training, workshops, seminars, luncheons, awards and much more just by becoming an agent of the Jumia brand. Isn’t that incredible? See below steps on how to join JFORCE.

How Do I Get My Commission?

During the registration process, you get to input your account details from whence your commission for sales will be paid into. You keep tabs of your commission through the official JUMIA Jforce app and commission come in the first 7 days of the next month for orders placed and completed in the last month. Commissions less than 100K per month are paid directly via MPESA.

Convinced? How do I register for the JForce program?

The process is as simple as A, B, and C. If you wish to register for this awesome program and become your own boss, then check out registration guide below. Now, what are you waiting for?

Step 1: Fill the pre-registration form. The info will help me as a signed consultant to add you to my WhatsApp support group and be part of my Jumia Jforce team. You’ll be required to submit the following details: Your full name, active M-PESA phone number, province, and active email address.

NOTE: You must have access to the internet and email account since all communications are sent via email.

Pre-registration form link: Join Jumia Jforce Chuoni KenyaTeam

Step 2: Check your email. You’ll find a WhatsApp group joining link where you can network with fellow agents or seek support.

Step 3: Create a Jumia account. You'll use the account to search items, find daily deals, and place orders on the website or mobile app. 

Jumia Account Registration Link:

Step 4: Create a jforce account to confirm your registration. You'll use the Jforce account to track your sales, orders, payments and manage your team. Copy details in Step 1 above.

J-Force registration Link:

Step 5: Get customers and place the orders on Jumia.
Step 6: Smile all the way to the nearest Mpesa agent.

After Registration, What Next?

Once you create a jumia and Jforce account, the next steps are:

  • Find your clients to order goods for or buy your own goods. Create a WhatsApp group and add friends and family members.
  • Go to the Jumia website and place an order for the good(s).
  • Receive and proceed to deliver the product to the client
  • Earn a commission for each of the products delivered.

Do I have to personally deliver items to my customers?

Not necessarily, Your customer has several options, they can either:

Choose for the item to be delivered by Jumia at the address of their choice (home, office, etc.)


Come and pick their order at a Pickup Station


Ask you to deliver to the item to them (you then select one the two options above for yourself and then bring it to your customer)

What is used to calculate commission?

The commission depends on the product category (e.g. groceries, appliances) and your level (e.g. Probation vs Captain). The commission varies from 2.5% on Mobile to 10% on Groceries. The average commission earned by Jumia agents is 6%.

What is the mode of commission payout?

Commission below Ksh 100,000 is paid through Mpesa and above Ksh100,000 through any Kenyan bank account. Make sure the phone number you indicate while Signing In is a registered Mpesa number. Nice deal?
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