Best Secretarial Colleges in Kenya


A secretary is a person employed by an individual or in an office to assist with correspondence, keep records, make appointments, and carry out similar tasks. Due to the demand for qualified personnel for the secretarial position by the numerous upcoming companies the number of secretarial schools has increased.

Here are some of the best secretarial colleges in the country.

1. Adams Arcade Secretarial College

Adams Arcade Secretarial College is located at Opp. Morning side Office Building, Ngong Road in Nairobi County. The college offers various courses in secretarial studies as well as computer studies.

2. Queensway Secretarial College

Queensway Secretarial College a secretarial college located within Nairobi CBD and offers courses in business and secretarial studies.

3. Chako Training Centre School of Secretarial Studies

Chako Training Centre School of Secretarial Studies is secretarial college located at woodland house, 3rd floor, Moi Avenue Nairobi Kenya.

4. Blanes Secretarial College

Blanes Secretarial College is a secretarial college located at Electricity House, 10th floor along Harambee Avenue, Nairobi Kenya.

5. Nkabune Technical Training Institute

Nkabune Technical Training Institute is a Government maintained institution located in Meru county four kilometers from Meru town, The institute offers technical, industrial, vocational and entrepreneurship training aimed at producing skilled manpower that fit in the dynamic Kenyan economy and the world at large. $ads={2}
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