How to create an eCitizen (Kenyan Citizen) account in simple steps

eCitizen (Kenyan Citizen) portal

A portal that enables Kenyan citizens, residents, and visitors access and pay for government services online.

  • Open your browser and go to ecitizen website
  • On the far right corner of the page, you will see create an account button, click on it
  • Select the account category you want to apply for, assuming its a Kenyan citizen, select that
  • Then input your ID number, and the first name has it appears on your ID card
  • You will then be required to enter your email address and your preferred password and reconfirm it.
  • Go to your email address, and you will find a confirmation link, then click on activate your account
  • After successful activation, click on next
  • Enter your phone number and click on send a verification code
  • Input the verification code send to you through Mpesa and click Verify
  • The next step is to upload your photo; this step can also be skipped if you don’t want to
  • You have now created an ecitizen account
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