Janet Machuka - Marketing Manager at Sparks Corporates SolutionsDigital Marketing Strategist
Janet Machuka - Marketing Manager at Sparks Corporates Solutions/Digital Marketing Strategist
Some days are gloomy and some are the best ever in my life. I have tried out many things and some failed. This year l had one goal, build my company and make connections across the world so that we can be known.
It has not been easy. Some hashtagbrand collaborations have gone south. Some people let you share a lot about your ideas and then back off the last minute. Some fellow experts in my field pretend to be close yet they are closing those doors you’re opening behind your back. But one thing l haven’t stopped doing is pushing harder, opening more doors and creating long term relationships to the very few. I am happy to say that things are falling into line now. My sleepless nights, those long meetings, working with small budgets is bearing fruits. LESSONS Be grateful that some things don't work out how you wanted them to. If the door closes, it's not your door. Rejection by people and some things are a way of redirecting your path. I am finding my reasons every day and it has been an amazing journey working silently. To you feeling hopeless, it’s not yet over!
If you’ve been laid off, there’s a reason. Find it. In your pain; find your Power.

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