International Women in Cyber Day Kenya, September 1st, 2019

International Women in Cyber Day, September 1st, 2019 is a day set aside to bring awareness to the issues women face in the cyber and celebrate the achievement of women in this industry.

∆ International Women in Cyber Day is a global movement with 50+ countries and hundreds of people supporting this cause.

∆ We aim to bring awareness to the issues and unique challenges women face in this industry.

∆ Women experience harassment, bullying, sexism, and much discrimination and wage disparity.

∆ The goals are 1) to support women 2) retain women working in cybersecurity 3) retrain women from other sectors and bring them into the cybersecurity world. 4) Provide financial stability for women and 5) Increase economic opportunities.

∆ By 2020, it is estimated over 3 million vacant jobs will be available in cybersecurity worldwide.

There are numerous benefits to women as this is a wonderful opportunity for women to achieve career goals and financial security.

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International Women in Cyber Day Kenya

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