Kenyatta University (K.U) grading system for undergraduate and graduate programs

Kenyatta University (K.U) grading system

University grading system in Kenya varies from one school to the other. In KU, there are standard requirements that must be met before completion of a course. The requirements are as essential as they aid in the grading. Keep in mind that medical and mechanical engineering students have their own requirements as well as the grading system. The outlined below is the grading system for medicine, engineering, and other undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Bachelor's degree requirements and grading system At the end of the semester students usually do examinations in the centers they registered in. Before doing an examination, it’s important to do CATS and any other online activities since they boost your marks. CATS, group work, take away assignments and practical work together contribute 30% to the final exam while the university examination contributes the bigger share of 70%. The pass mark for all the units is 40%. Keep in mind the pass mark doesn’t apply to medical and engineering students. Just familiarize yourself with the course you are taking to know some detailed requirements which apply to your course.

Below is the Kenyatta university degree grading system.

Units are always marked out of 100 and translated to grades as follows:

70% and above – A
60 to 69 – B
50 to 59 – C
40 to 49 – D
0 to 39 – E

Incomplete grades
Letter (I) is used to represent an incomplete grade at the end of a semester. The grade will be assigned to you if you have an acceptable senate reason as to why you can’t sit for your examination. However, if you fail to take the examination in the next period it will be offered, a zero score is given to you. Zero falls under the E grade category and implies a failure.

You can only be allowed to sit for a retake if you have not failed in more than half of the units in a given trimester. The failed units normally are graded just like a normal examination. Academic Warning (AW) will be given if you fail more than half of the units in a given trimester.

Discontinuation on academic grounds
Failing in all units in a given trimester automatically leads to discontinuation. Consequently, getting two academic warnings consecutively will also usher in discontinuation. $ads={2}
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