12 Secrets to Online Writing Unveiled

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I did not know that all these years, I will still be writing articles online. I did not even think that this will be my career, a field that will give me a livelihood. It all started as a simple composition, adorned with humorous expressions and idiomatic expressions back in primary school.

I started out with Composition writing

I found composition writing exciting and easy to do. I had stumbled over top secrets of mastering just the right expressions and stylistic devices that kept the reader on edge. I enjoyed my compositions. I did not want to lose any of them even after my tutor completed marking them and grading them. They were my jewels. Little did I know I was nurturing a special talent and skill that would give me my daily bread when I grow up.

The start of the awards

I continued writing compositions all the way to high school with the amazement of many. Even with minimal composition writing in high school, I crafted my niche by taking part in essay writing competitions. I started scooping awards and recognition and it did not take long before I joined the journalism club where I ended up being the leader. I read press releases to an eager audience and made a name for myself in high school.

Education and honing my writing skills

I was convinced that I will make a good journalist with a knack for writing news articles or even a news anchor with the right skills of reading and reporting news. I proceeded to the university to pursue a degree course in Communication and Media, which would, of course, catapult me to practicing journalism. At the university, I sent “contributor” articles to different newspapers and magazines, including Daily Nation in Nairobi (Buzz Magazine) and even Standard Newspaper in Nairobi, on topical issues. Most of them were published and this kept me growing and nurturing my writing skills.


Upon finishing my 4-year study at the university, I was hired by an SEO agency (My SEO Kenya) that changed my writing career completely. I was introduced to online writing that was wide and enjoyable for me. I learned SEO and internet marketing techniques. I wrote website copy and even blog articles for link building. I was quick to get clients online who enjoyed my services. I realized I was born to write online articles.

Editorial Job

Later on, I was hired by a magazine company in Nairobi, Go Places Magazine of Leisure and Travel Guides EA Ltd which brought a twist to my writing career, sharpening my writing skills even further. I understood different writing techniques and approaches, pegged on innovative marketing techniques.

Affiliate Marketing – I can do great product reviews

Hire me now on Upwork

It did not take long, and I was back online to do what I love doing. But this time, I was introduced to a new concept, called Affiliate Marketing. I learned the ropes quickly and considering that I had earlier acquired special SEO skills, it was somewhat simple. I dived in with ease and desire.

My WordPress blogs

I created a couple of WordPress blogs and started driving traffic to them to make sales. I realized that writing can be done for specific purposes in mind; that is after you have mastered the art of writing. You can be an adept writer if you have learned how to write right, and most of all, how to edit clearly. You must start by learning a lot of vocabulary, proper construction of sentences and expressions. Make your article witty and exciting to read. Most of all, understand your audience.


Always proofread your articles upon completing writing. Some mistakes are thoughtless or simply hasty and can dampen the quality of your article even when you have poured all your skills and prowess in there. Therefore, spare some minutes to fine-tune your article to achieve a grade-A piece of work that attracts an incalculable sense of admiration.

Golden secret – KISS!

My top secret is: always write simple sentences that are easy to read and understand. Do not write long and convoluted sentences that are difficult to comprehend. Make it easy for your reader. Let him or her see the meaning without any difficulty. In journalism we always say: Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).

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