Qwetu living: the Best University student’s Accommodation in Kenya.

Qwetu living

Higher education is very important for each and every person. Mostly since it is the place at which a person shapes their career which eventually paves the way to how the life of that particular student will unfold. University education is the most interesting part of a person education since there is a sense of freedom that the students acquire. It’s mostly the first time the young people get to live on their own, away from their parents.

I know talking about University accommodation will bring very many memories of back when you were living in the hostels. It doesn’t matter which University you attended but if it was a public one, you already know that their hostels are usually very old. Most of the hostels were built decades ago and unfortunately, very little maintenance is done. These leaves them old and dusty. In most of them, sanitation is the worst. The halls are dirty and let’s not even talk about the washrooms and bathrooms. Going on to the inside of the sleeping rooms, the paint is chipped, old potholed floors and the bed are usually old and uncomfortable. The number of students in one room is usually probably 4-8 which is a lot to deal with especially with the introverted people

Going on, Most of these student accommodations, unfortunately, have not been built with a community or student needs in mind What do I mean by this? Young people love being comfortable. We love the Internet so much and being somewhere where we can’t access the internet at all times is very inconvenient. Students also love affordable but good food which is not the case in most of the University accommodations in Kenya. They also need safety at all times.

Qwetu Housing has all these things, all in one place.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Qwetu

Qwetu Living is built with a community or student needs in mind

What do young Kenyan students love so much?

Technology, right?

Qwetu living have that in mind, they have fast free wifi for their students in their buses and in the buildings where the students live and commune. This makes accessing the internet so easy for the student. This way all the assignments and revisions are done on time without problems. Also, the students are entertained at all times since they can access social media at any time.

Communal areas.

They have lounges in the buildings that act as communal areas where students from various universities who reside in the building can congregate, eat, talk, play games(video games, FIFA, board games), watch sports e.t.c.

This way the students are able to interact amongst themselves. Let’s be honest, the young generation loves making new friends. They can find good friends or even their soulmates this way.


Students are provided for transport from the Qwetu residential buildings to their respective campuses via a fleet of comfortable shuttle buses that have the students in mind. These buses provide free transport to Qwetu residents from the premises to the campuses and to the CBD in town. This way students can go about their activities without the worry of movement from one point to another.


They host parties, throw bashes and bring in celebs and inspirational figures of society who attend these events and interact with these students.


Students get to interact, study, work and play in a safe enclosed and controlled environment while allowing them to explore and enjoy the freedoms that come with independent living. They are ensured safety at all time and that way there can never be horrible and unfortunate cases like those that happen in Thika whereby students lose their lives by being attacked by thugs around the Universities.

Prices and Charges per room

Qwetu student residence has both single room and double rooms occupancy. These prices, however, are bound to change anytime so students should always clarify Qwetu living for clarifications.

  • Double room occupants each pays Ksh.18000 per month
  • Single room occupant pays Ksh.24500 per month.
  • Premium rooms Ksh 32,000 per month.

Qwetu Living locations across Nairobi

Qwetu student residence offers quality accommodation services to university students across Nairobi.
At the moment, Qwetu Residences are at Jogoo Road and Ruaraka.
Each of the properties is located near colleges and universities at the CBD.

Let’s look at some of the amazing reviews that Qwetu housing has received.

It’s a great place to be.its like another home
Quiet rooms · Private bathrooms · Private rooms · Spacious rooms

The good life for students, social and Security Level is High!!!
Spacious rooms · Private bathrooms · Private rooms

The best place to be… pay a visit and you won’t regret your stay there.

Have visited the place today and it’s awesome wish we had such places when we were studying looks very great and very conducive for a student in Nairobi. lovely place to be.

The experience of living at Qwetu is one of it’s kind

Qwetu living is the best of the best cause of the great facilities present.
Keep it up, guys.

Revolutionary housing concept for the youth. Highly recommended.

It’s worth the money
Safe, Tasteful and clean.

Value for your money. Best community experience. Friendly staff. All in one building.

Connectivity, accessibility and community summarised in one building.

Purpose built accommodation for young people…..one word. Wow!!

How to Contact Qwetu living

Visit their website, https://qwetu.co.ke

You can also call them via, 0800 730 333 (Toll Free) or +254 730 850 000

You have big dreams, places to be and stuff to achieve.

You need a place to live that doesn’t get in the way of that, right? Qwetu gets you the head start you need by offering students a safe place to meet amazing like-minded students from across the globe, get multiple options for settle-right-in rooms, access quiet study areas to gather your thoughts and easy to access locations to get you there on time.
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