Ranking of Universities in Kenya with highest HIV prevalence rates

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HIV prevalence rates at Kenyan universities are at a worrying trend according to the latest statistics. Aids researchers in Kenya say university students are among the high-risk groups, which include teenage girls, long-distance truck drivers, commercial s3x workers, the military, and the police. There is strong evidence that infection among university students could continue to rise before it peaks. Studies reveal that in urban areas about 30 percent of teenage girls aged 15-19 are HIV positive.

Secondary school leavers who join universities and other institutes get a lot of freedom unlike when they were in high school. As such, the majority of them are vulnerable to being infected with the disease. It’s for that reason that we decided to list the leading university or universities with HIV in Kenya.

According to Reports. Figures from the local World Health Organisation reference center on HIV/Aids indicate that 30 percent of Kenyan students seeking admission to foreign universities are infected. Here is the ranking of the universities in Kenya with the highest HIV prevalence rates.

1. University of Nairobi(UON)- HIV prevalence of 15 percent.

2. Kenyatta University – HIV prevalence of 13 percent

3. Egerton University – HIV prevalence of 11 percent

4. Kisii University – HIV prevalence of 10 percent

5. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University- HIV prevalence of 9 percent

6. Maseno University-HIV prevalence of 9 percent

7. JKUAT-HIV-prevalence of 8 percent

8. Moi University -HIV prevalence of 7 percent

9. Dedan Kimathi university-HIV prevalence of 6 percent

10. Masinde Muliro University-HIV prevalence of 5 percent

11. Maasai Mara university-HIV prevalence of 5 percent

12 Kabianga university-HIV prevalence of 5 percent

13 Southeastern university-HIV prevalence of 5 percent

15 Laikipia university-HIV prevalence of 5 percent

16 Karatina university-HIV prevalence of 5 percent

17 Pwani university-HIV prevalence of 5 percent

18 University of Eldoret-HIV prevalence of 5 percent

19. Chuka university-HIV prevalence of 5 percent

20. Multimedia University.-HIV prevalence of 5 percent

In the private universities,

MKU recorded the highest with 10 prevalence infection rates while Strathmore university recorded the lowest with 2 percent HIV prevalence, arguably the lowest in Kenyan universities.

For most university students, this information is not too surprising; given the lifestyles they see their colleagues living. According to Mary, a business administration student from UoN, ‘sponsor’ relationships play a role in exposing students to the virus.

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