Tough Love for Unemployed Youth!

Tough Love for Unemployed Youth!
The first thing you need to do is change how you view yourself - “unemployed”. It has such a negative ring to it, it can’t even motivate anyone. So from today can all my readers who are yet to be employed stop calling themselves “unemployed”? I don’t want to hear those words in the comment section below or coming out of your mouth. What we are going to do is learn how to look at things a little differently.

Let me tell you something. There is a role I desperately applied for last year, and in the middle of the process, they stopped hiring for it. I didn’t necessarily get a rejection, but in a way I felt bad I didn’t get that job. Fast forward to today when I’ve built up my self-confidence through which I am able to strongly communicate my achievements, I was approached by the aforementioned team to explore open roles.

I’ve always been a confident person, so it comes as a surprise when I tell people that there was a moment last year where I didn’t feel like it. That’s because they could not see the self-doubt inside me. I would still communicate confidently as per my usual high-energy vibes, and even if I made bold moves, it needed a lot of energy and encouragement from Family, Friends, and Colleagues. Now you don’t even need to encourage me, I will be at the front line chasing whatever it is I want. In fact, the question I ask myself these days is “I’m I being too confident”? Of course, I always tell myself “What do you mean too confident, you are so amazing, accept it.”

Now I see a number of people saying “I graduated 3 years ago but I still haven’t got a job.” I am just going to be real with you. These kinds of statements send red flags to potential employers because:
  • Why have you struggled to get a role?
  • Does it mean that others were better than you and that’s why you didn’t get a job?
  • Also, what have you been doing for the past 3 years? Have you just been dropping CVs office to office and hoping for the best?
  • Does that sound like someone who is creative? How come you didn’t try to start a business? How come you haven’t volunteered to different organisation to sharpen your skills?
  • This person already sounds emotionally exhausted, when I hire them are they going to bring positive vibes? When my company finds itself in a tough position, are they going to sound sad like they are at this point? How can I trust them with my company if they haven’t been creative with their own situation?
These are all hard things to hear, but it’s the reality. In my previous blog post I mentioned that no one will hire you out of pity, but because they want to hire people they can trust with their challenges. Unfortunately, when the tough gets going, you have to be tougher. It’s easy to allow ourselves to enter spaces where we are sad, feeling sorry for ourselves and thinking that we are totally doomed. But you know what you can do, turn those feelings into determination.

Be so determined to make everyone that didn’t hire you regret not choosing you.

Be so determined to surprise everyone who looks down on you at the moment. Let them say “Wait, wasn’t so and so unemployed just the other day, have you seen the car they are driving right now?”

Be so determined to prove to those that don’t have your back that YOU are just fine ON YOUR OWN. You will show them that YOU can do ANYTHING regardless of their support.

You are better off being mad with that level of determination as opposed to allowing yourself to accept being beaten. The latter won’t take anywhere, but if YOU, if YOU decide to fight unemployment then YOU have a chance to make something out of YOURSELF.

So when someone asks you what do you do? Don’t say “I’m unemployed” - that word is now forever banned from your vocabulary. You will tell them “I am investing in my knowledge and skills from free courses online as I explore job opportunities. Currently doing a free course on Coursera on Digital Marketing, I am interested in being an Account Manager for a Digital Agency or a Company. If you hear anyone looking for such a person, please let me know and I will email you my CV you forward to them.”

Now that sounds better, more inspiring, and determined.

Don’t post on LinkedIn how you have been unemployed for X number of years and how it’s making you sad. NO! Express interest to be employed from the perspective that as you struggle to get a role, you are using your time effectively by volunteering in X organisation and doing X courses from X platforms.

Useful Sites to do Free Courses

Harvard Online Courses

Stanford Online

Don’t be defeated. You can do this.

Change your Attitude, Change your Life.
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