Which are the best agribusinesses to engage in, especially for the youth in Kenya?

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Which are the best agribusinesses to engage in, especially for the youth in Kenya?

First, young people should be attracted to farming and agribusiness. Greenhouse farming is among the best bets to start with.

Crops such as pepper, capsicum, and tomatoes, among others, are good to start with. As an organization, we can facilitate the groups’ access to sponsorship and markets if it shows potential.

Bamboo farming is another good venture to invest in as the plant is versatile and never lacks markets. Pig keeping is yet another important project which youth can invest in.

For instance, the Netherlands, a small country with a population of about 17 million people, has up to 10 million pigs, showing how important pig-keeping is important to the country’s economy.

Then there is avocado farming, which is among the most productive ventures globally at the moment, especially the Haas variety.

Locally, there is an organization in Nairobi which is currently recruiting up to 10,000 contract farmers to supply them with Hass avocados. This is also a big opening for the youth to capitalize on.

What benefits does one stand to achieve by investing in agribusiness?

Agribusiness is well capable of earning Sh1 million in returns. A small country such as the Netherlands feeds its population and still remains the second largest exporter of agricultural and horticulture produces.

Such an economy obviously has the benefits trickling down to farmers, which makes them rich. Agribusiness essentially is a rewarding sector.

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