A Better Africa - it is up to us to build it!

A Better Africa - it is up to us to build it!

The latest social turmoil and xenophobes violence in South Africa, characterized by the hunting and killing of other African immigrants is given us an idea of the consequences of, among others, severe poverty, youth bulge that are likely to happen on several parts on the continent in the coming years, if we do not manage to deliver impactful and sustainable development solutions, particularly job creation to absorb the current and incoming millions job seekers on a continent characterized by a rapid population growth. 

In this quest (1) the development of the Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises and (2) the transformation of the raw materials on the continent are critical to creating wealth and jobs. We must start transforming the rich raw materials available in Africa into added-value products. To achieve this, we must think “without the box” and "beyond the sky" to innovate solutions, eventually transform Africa. We must not expect anyone to invite us to the table, rather ask oneself “What I am doing to reduce severe poverty and develop Africa?” Let's build the Africa we want! hashtag

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