Why I Resigned my Job at Google

Why I resigned my Job at Google

I want to begin this article by saying my resignation at Google was filled with so much Love, Joy, and Happiness.

I always thought that everyone resigns from a place of Anger, Dissatisfaction or Boredom. But I learned that people can also resign from such a Happy place.

It honestly sounds counter-intuitive, but I am telling you guys, it actually is really possible. And maybe that’s one of the perks of working at Google, that you even resign happily.

Google Paris

I have a number of mentors, sponsors, and friends at Google. I was fortunate enough to be in gTech where the Senior Leadership opened their doors for me. It reached a point in my Google Life where I never solved problems alone. There was someone I could always reach out to, ALWAYS.

When you have mentors, coaches or sponsors, you could either communicate via email, chat pings or video calls. It’s also important to understand specific areas your network can support you with and assigning them accordingly. So I had this one mentor with whom I approached with all my sensitive thoughts via email. I wasn’t comfortable sharing them face to face or via a video call, I’d prefer just sending a very raw email and getting a response.

One evening I grabbed my laptop and I emailed him that I am considering leaving Google but was wondering if I was being ungrateful because of all the support I have gotten. Was I being a millennial, making a decision that may be deemed unnecessary? So many people want to work for Google and here I am considering to leave, is it a mistake leaving Google?

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My mentor responded by saying that I should take time to reflect and that the answer to either stay or leave Google would come to me eventually. That I shouldn’t be worried about being ungrateful because Googlers want the best for me, and that can be within or outside Google. With that, the reflection began.

After 4.8 years at Google, I requested to be given the opportunity to work on a part-time project I am passionate about, which was focussed on SMBs in Kenya. I was ready to give up completion of my Masters Degree, my eligibility to become an Irish citizen just to pursue what I was passionate about. The fact that I was also ready to give up a lot meant that I really loved what I was pursuing. There was no fear, just excitement chasing what I love. And indeed I took the risk, making it one of the best decisions I made at Google.

It’s during this project that I was able to see how amazing I am when I am working on something I am extremely passionate about. It kind of almost felt like I had missed myself, that’s how good it was. So when an external opportunity presented itself to do that kind of work full-time, I pursued it will all my heart, eyelashes, Afro-Hair, Smile and everything that makes me Esther Kinuthia aka Miss Independent.

Google Dublin

There was no fear that I am being millennial or ungrateful. I was chasing a path I see myself in for a while. It’s exactly what I want to do if I was a puzzle, there was no missing piece. That’s when I knew I would be resigning, not because of anything wrong at Google, but because I am excited to join a team with whom we share the same vision about a continent I love so much.

I taught myself that when you love what you do, everything feels right. So to my readers, you could be considering to resign but then again you might wonder if you should considering all those people struggling to get jobs. My advice to you would be to first get an opportunity that you absolutely love with all your heart, you won’t be fearful whatsoever!

If you love your colleagues, they will remain your friends even after you leave. And they even have a better chance of enjoying the best version of yourself considering you will be doing something that you love so much. There is a colleague that called me this week asking me if there is anything Google can do to make me stay, but I told her that it’s not that I am leaving Google for the sake, I am chasing who I want to become, and with that, she accepted my decision knowing it was made with love, joy, and happiness.

Lastly, you need to choose people that share in your vision and those that you want to grow together with. First of all, I love everyone that interviewed me already. My Manager-To-Be inspired me during the interview and I knew that he would continue to inspire me when I start the job and after. I am excited. I am happy.

More importantly, honored to have been chosen to join my new team in a journey they started before me.

p.s I will finish my Masters. I am enrolled back at Trinity Business School, just finished one unit this week, I will finish the second one end of October and will have one more next year. I should graduate by 2020. It all worked out in the end <3
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