11 Activities You Should Be Doing To Bond With Your Partner

11 Activities You Should Be Doing To Bond With Your Partner

Dating is a blast! There are so many things the two of you can share together. After all, quality time spent together, regardless of price, is what matters most in a relationship. Whether you’re newly in a relationship setting the foundation for your future together, or have been in a relationship for a while and looking to create fluidity in your life together, these 11 activities you should be doing to bond with your partner will steadily spark your relationship’s flame and secure a wholesome relationship.

1. Decompress:

Take time to reconnect with nature. From sitting in the garden together to laying on a desolate beach, it’s important to get away from the crowds. Stop keeping up with the Joneses for a moment, relax, and take nature in. Let the pair of you slumber a little or daydream, and as thoughts enter your mind bring them up for conversation. Let the connection with nature allow you to nurture your mind’s capacity for calm composed thought. Through these thoughts and dialogue in an ultra-relaxed setting, a couple can intertwine truth of thought, and express feelings without the daily distractions of phones, news, and bills!

2. Be Intimate:

Nothing allows greater connection than intimacy. While we are humans, the reflection of animals in nature and their intimate moments teach us about closeness. Think of how chimpanzees groom each other! If you have ever watched a documentary where they show this, you will see that the often hysterical chimpanzee barreling through the jungle becomes very calm, sedate, and peaceful with the partner they are grooming. I am not suggesting you groom your partner! However gentle touches, hugs, kisses, hands being held, these all lend intimate physical reassurance that love exists between the two of you, and prove a determining factor in the bond between a couple.

3. Set A Budget:

Yes, I know the word “budget” immediately sounds a total bore and the last thing that might bring a couple together. However, for those who do a budget and rein in their financial acumen, there will be an inevitable period of pain while the painstaking task is undertaken, but once you have a cash flow understanding that you both share, the knowledge of how you are TRULY spending your hard earned money will enlighten and bring closeness between the two of you. Finances can bond a couple in unison to achieve a united goal.

When working towards a specific goal such as purchasing a vehicle, home, planning for retirement, where to invest, if you should open a 401k, open an IRA, simply start saving rather than spending, reducing debt, all of these items when handled as a couple can alleviate stress. In alleviating stress further compounds the closeness of two individuals. It all starts with the two of you reviewing checking and savings accounts for all the spends and then enjoying the decision-making process of where the pair of you SHOULD be sending your money.

4. De-Clutter:

A home or apartment inevitably generates its own issues of STUFF. Stuff is generally things that both of you have, but don’t you use that often, or at all. This game is a totally fun thing to do that can easily bond couples because clutter is a known stressor. To de-clutter a closet or garage, for instance, is to start this way: everything in the closet or garage gets placed in the middle of the space, then the pair of you go through the items when you see something you absolutely love, say “absolutely love it”, and that goes into one pile. Next, is the “sentimental to me” pile, and place each of your items into that pile. The last pile is the “I can let go of you, thanks for your time” pile.

Once you have distributed everything, take the “I can let go of you, thanks for your time” pile and take it to be donated. This way your de-clutter is something the two of you do together, its fun, and will bring back memories all in one session. After the de-clutter buy some cheap storage bins with drawers and place items that are similar in nature into these storage bins. Tidiness is an appreciation of each other’s space and cleanliness is next to godliness! Overall, it is spiritually uplifting to be tidy and at the end perhaps enjoy a little make-out session to celebrate a job well done!

5. Make love:

Duh! Seriously though, make love, don’t have sex. Making love is truth and sex is a performance indicator. Too often men and women adjudicate performance in the bedroom rather than let love do its thing. If you are not motivated to make love, then we have work to do as a couple and I strongly recommend couples therapy to begin the path to enlightenment. If you make love, you will definitely feel closer, united, and have a bond that is innate to your nature

Remember we are not ethereal, we are of the earth and are animals described as mammals with high functioning brains. It is the high functioning part that detects love over sex, and sex over love. Complex feelings are what separates us. If we address these complexities to the path where a bond can be found at the zenith of the existential part of us, then all of us would have a greater understanding.

6. Kiss Goodnight:

Routine checking in for affection is as important for a little baby as it is for a 52-year-old adult grumpy male. Don’t forget to hug each other, cheer each other on, kiss each other, and take the time to let physical expression sink in as a constant reminder of the bond that exists.

7. Take A Vacation:

Yay!! Time to get away, camp, or reserve a weekend getaway. No matter who you are, no matter what your budget, every single year be absolutely sure to get out of dodge! You get one go around as a couple, and the last thing you want on your tombstone is “I wish I spent more time at the office!” So ignore the desire to make more money and be sure to take time out your life. Bonds are often rekindled on vacation and memories are definitely made. All of us have those vacation pictures that we treasure, so keep on keeping on, and don’t be afraid to splurge (if you have the budget), as a little pampering for both of you. It can do a world of good!

8. Turn Off The Phone At Dinner:

Okay everyone… texting, looking at your news feed, reading the latest blog, checking out your next 5-star rated Amazon purchase all seems so important, but the truth is it is all a distraction from the most important thing of all… your relationship. Look at each other, talk to each other, and find each other’s company more important than your relationship with your phone. Build on the bond of agreeing to phone downtime. Even those of you who run your business through your phone, have the discipline to know it can wait for an hour or two because numero uno is your partner.

9. Play This Game:

Hey honey, can we play the “This is kind of bothering me” game? Both of you agree to play the game, one starts sharing, the other listens, and vice versa. This game promotes understanding of your partner and communication is key in any bond for any couple. This game simply makes it easy to bring out underlying issues. The rules of the game are that it is a totally safe place where everyone speaks calmly, listens and responds on how they can help with those concerns or issues. Bonding becomes deeper with understanding and care, so work as a pair in this slightly awkward but ultimately rewarding game.

10. Buy A Gift:

A gift can be something under $10.00. What’s relevant is its meaning. Only you can know if a gift will have meaning to your loved one, so I will not make suggestions. However the planet is filled with millions and millions of items, do a search relevant to what your loved one loves, and order a gift, get it gift-wrapped, and surprise them! If you can, capture the moment on video! It’s sure to have smiles, tears, or laughter, and either way, it will bond the pair of you.

11. Take A Bullet:

At some point, either one of you is going to seriously screw up. It’s who we are as humans. It will test your bond and it may even take it to the eclipse of a breakup. Even in the darkness, there is light. Ask yourself, “do you believe that your partner would take a bullet for you?” If you do, forgive, and understand that screwing up is part of the cycle of existence. Yeah, guys, on most fronts you’re more likely to screw up than us gals, but us gals make mistakes too.

Some things need more than a gift or flowers. Some things need a partner to inherently to know that you sacrifice. While it may never ever materialize (thank you so much for that), it’s needed to be known as a pre-thought and to be as consistent as the sun rising every morning, and the clouds of life always break free and the sun can shine on love once again. Without this constant cycle of ups and downs, pain, and glory, we are left without the knowledge of the sunbeam moments where the best of life is experienced by those of us who live in harmony in broad sunlit pastures.

11 Activities You Should Be Doing To Bond With Your Partner

Now that you’ve read The 11 Activities You Should Be Doing To Bond With Your Partner, it’s time to perform them! Strong relationships are continually nurtured with care and communication. Bonds are there to be tested, but there are many types of glue all with varying potency, the right mixture to ensure the bond never breaks is to work within the suggestions above, and that glue will hold a skyscraper.


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