5 Things Every University Students Should Do Before Graduation

Graduates on graduation day

The hustle and bustle of campus life will sometimes make you forget some essential things you ought to do as a university student.

Whether you are a fresher or a senior ready to graduate, every student has their own plans.

Here are the five things you just have to do or see before you graduate.

Take out pen and paper. Without thinking too hard, write down a list of things you want to do after graduation. Then check out the list below, and see how many items match your list.

1. Apply for internships

While trying to gauge the different skills you have, internships play a key role in that process. Whenever you spot a post regarding internships, don’t hesitate to pen down that company plus its email address.

Don’t forget to continue building your résumé at school. Working as an intern provides firsthand experience of prospective careers in your field (or fields!) and enables you to gain professional skills. University life is all about building on one’s skills, and what a better way to do that than to gain valuable experiences at different firms.

2. What about scholarship?

In today’s world, financial assistance is necessary for many university students and scholarships are the most desirable form of financial aid.

So, take advantage of some of them as you are passing through the four walls of university.

3. Sleep

For whatever reason, exams, you probably didn’t sleep a lot during your for four or five years. It’s not going to get easier when you get a job.

Just replace staying up late with education, accidentally over-extending happy hours full of meaningless office small talk, and feeling the fear of an impending work nightmare.

So, seriously, sleep for ten stress-free hours a night during that brief period.

4. Party hard

Do you need my permission? You have it. Drink your life away for all I care. But don’t make a habit of merely pining for other people’s approval. It’s a waste of life.

Crash a party where you know no one and make at least one new friend. Abuse your student ID discounts as much as possible dance on a table somewhere.

5. Think about who you want to become

Some folks will tell you to chase the money. Some folks will tell you to follow your passion. Others will just stare at you blankly.

Forget all of that. Tell those folks that you’re sorry they’re irretrievably unhappy, but that they shouldn’t project their regrets on you.
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