9 Marketable Degree Courses In The World Leading to Careers That Would Always be in Demand.

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What we have here is listing 9 Marketable degree courses with best employment opportunities in world.

There has been a drastic change in the world in just few decades. The show up of Technological innovation has benched many mechanical and Laborious works down. Goods and services are now easier to produce and deliver using the technology Means.

Most careers has been relegated just by the surfacing of Technology. It is easier and more economical to do some of these jobs online by outsourcing them to ‘experts‘ in remote places.

With this in mind, it is imperative that the choice students make should lead to good jobs and great careers. But with thousands of courses available, it can be confusing to finally settle on one course. Many students the world over face the same dilemma: how to make sure the course of study in the university would lead to a great job.

However, no matter how much technology is changing today’s workplace, there are some jobs that would always be in demand. At the same time, there are courses that aim to fit into the new jobs created by technological change.

The following courses, therefore, are a guide to some of these courses leading to careers that would always be in demand.

1. Information technology

The field of information technology is huge. And it is growing bigger every day at a dizzying speed. In this information age, experts in this field are seriously in high demand. As a matter of fact, there is a shortage of skilled people in many areas of information technology.

To address that shortage, big tech firms and other establishments are investing money in training IT experts. This is because universities are not training enough experts fast enough.

So this is one career that would always be in great demand today and in the foreseeable future.

2. Management/ Business Administration/Sales

Companies and firms would always need people with good sales skills and pitch to help promote their brands. Combining your sales skills with a good degree in Business management/Administration would put you in a strong position career-wise.

The modern business manager combines savvy sales skills with a good knowledge of new technology which makes managing a business or a corporation more efficient.

3. Courses in Healthcare Administration

One thing technology cannot replace is people. The population of the world keeps growing. Hospitals and health care facilities would have to be built to cater for an expanding population.

These facilities would need professionals to run them smoothly. This is something that robots and technology cannot do. Qualified humans would desperately be needed in the coming years to run these increasingly complex facilities.

4. Finance courses

Money or the management of money would never go out of fashion. It is the way people calculate their worth in terms of what they can do to make their lives better.

As the population expands, the pool of money also expands to accommodate the needs of more individuals. So there would always be money. Therefore, a financial expert would always be in demand to manage or advise people and businesses on how to organize their finances in an increasingly complex world.

5. Engineering courses

The field of engineering covers many aspects of life. For instance, the modern world needs software engineers to build the sophisticated gadgets and machines used today.

So courses in computer engineering, electrical engineering, building engineering and so on would always be in demand.

6. Clinical psychology

A few decades ago, careers in psychology were restricted to just a few people. Psychologists were considered people who provided services that are not considered very important.

Those were simple times. The field of psychology has expanded so much to even include treating animals with mental problems. For humans though, there would be an increasing demand for psychology because mental issues are on the increase.

As science and technology evolves, new diagnoses are made which are related to psychological problems. Hence the need for more psychologists.

7. Statistics and Maths

Complex technology is all about the manipulation of huge data using computers. The world would continue to need people who are able to understand and make use of the large streams of data moving around in the digital age

People with a strong background in statistics would be needed to convert those numbers and figures into something that is useful to people.

8. Entrepreneurship and Startups

For the world to become a better place, people who have the acumen to create businesses and jobs would need to step up their game. Entrepreneurs who know how to start businesses would be in high demand.

Money in itself does not mean much unless it can be put to good use. Investors know that giving money to charlatans to manage would be disastrous. While giving it to experienced entrepreneurs with knowledge on where and how to start a business is one of the best uses of money.

People with lots of money understand this. That is why Entrepreneurs would always be in demand.

9. Medical and biological sciences

The need for doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers would always be with us. So also is the need for experts in the field of biological research.

The health of the world would always rest in the hands of experts in those fields. And as the population grows, the world would need more and more people with those qualifications.
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