Best Web browsers for Computer and Smartphone

Best Web browsers for Computer and Smartphone

Web browsers are used these days on both computers and smartphones. With the web browsers, the users can collect any data by simply browsing. You can take any details from the web browsers very quickly. Web Browsers help people to easily collect any information required, by just typing in the tab what they are looking for. Let it be any subjects related to your studies, games, music, art, movies, etc, all you have to do is just type and enter what you are looking for. You will get all the necessary information about any topic using the web browsers. But what are the most reliable web browsers or the best web browsers any idea?

A web browser is nothing much just software that we can download and with an active internet connection, this software helps you to browse anything and everything.

It is always important to choose the right web browser for your computer or smartphone to work efficiently. It is not just the features that you have to look for when selecting a web browser. You should also check browser speed (A browser speed test can help with it) and compatibility before you download the software.

Best Web browsers for Computer and Smartphone

Here we detail the best web browser for computers and smartphones that fits as the fastest browser, safest web browser, and low memory-consuming browser.

1)      Google Chrome

One of the most user-friendly browsers that a lot many people use these days is Google Chrome. This browser is compatible with both computers and smartphones and it has an app size of 182.0 MB and 59.4 MB (IOS). When you normally get a computer or a smartphone, Google Chrome will be already set since it is very friendly to the users and is also compatible with computers and Android phones. Google Chrome saves the history, you can give bookmarks, etc.

Moreover, Google Chrome also has a translator icon on a tab that can be used to translate any language to English. Recently on some Android phones, Google brought a new app that can detect your voice. If you want to set an alarm, you just have to say “OK Google” – then this app opens up and you can ask to set an alarm for you. OK, Google will set the alarm and let you know that it is done. Isn’t this amazing? You do not have to type or set an alarm by selecting the clock.

2)      Mozilla Firefox

Compatible with both computers and smartphones, Mozilla Firefox is an alternative to Google Chrome. This web browser has the same cross-platform that syncs just like Google Chrome. One of the attractive features of Firefox is that it has a toggle switch to stop a video. Apart from this, Mozilla Firefox has a lot of extensions that can be added to your mobile. This can be done using ad blockers to plugins by changing the feel of the web.

The visual aesthetics of Mozilla Firefox is extremely good and customizability also can be done easily. This may be one reason that users choose Mozilla. This web browser works perfectly well in computers, but on Android phones, it does not work as efficiently as Google Chrome.

3)      Opera and Opera Mini

Opera is one of the web browsers, that are compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, etc. The iOS users only get the lightweight and data-compressing Opera Mini to call, whereas the full opera on Android has a Google Now-esque news feed. This news feed can be disabled if the user does not need it.   It also has a speed dial in which you can select your favorite sites quickly without searching much.

Opera and Opera Mini offer slick and clean browsing and searching for the users. You also get the option to create an Opera account through which you can sync the bookmarks and the history of the browsing with various devices. Data saving option is also possible with the main Opera App and it also supports compressing sites via Opera’s servers. In Opera Mini, speed and data compression are the most attractive features that the users note. Like the main Opera, Opera Mini also includes ad blocking, offline pages, news feeds, etc.

4)      Apple Safari

Well, this browser will be familiar to all the users of Apple iPhone. Apple tries to add more features to this browser to make it easier for users to get their work done. Some of the most recent add-on to it is – ad blocking and tighter Siri integration. The users can sync a lot of their work with others using the Apple Safari. When it comes to syncing the files, the users prefer Safari over Google Chrome.

Apple Safari is compatible with iOS and is a favorite browser for all iPhone users. Unlike Google, Apple Safar shows no interest in tracking your browsing history which I find a good thing to do. Why do you need to get all your browsing history? Wait and watch to see more of their attractive features.

5)      Puffin

With 32.6MB (Android) of app size and 41.9MB (iOS), this web browser is compatible with computers and smartphones. But a majority of the people might not even have heard about this browser. The main attraction of using Puffin is the speed. In just one click the page will open up and you can even see all the elements popping out quickly right in front of your eyes.

This web browser is good for surfing on your computers since it is very fast. But it has problems in connecting with Android phones. The disadvantage of Puffin is this – it struggles to cope with the newer technologies. On the other side, Puffin comes with features like a gamepad overlay which helps in web gaming and it also has an advanced data-saving tool with settings for image and video excellence. So if you want excellent speed to load pages, then Puffin is a good option.

6)      Microsoft Edge

Compatible with both computers and smartphones, Microsoft Edge is a very new web browser that has launched in beta form with an App size of 66.9MB (iOS). You can test this web browser by signing up with the necessary details required. All you need to do is, install Test Flight on iOS. If you want it on your Android phones, then join the waiting list for Microsoft Edge.

Since this is a very newly launched web browser, you can expect changes and added features by Microsoft. The major attraction of Edge is that it syncs with the desktop easily. Soon, you will be able to get access to Microsoft Edge in your Androids and computers with efficient features.

So, these are some of the web browsers that are compatible with both computers and smartphones. Every user would want different features to complete their work. While choosing an option from these web browsers, check the features and efficiency to meet your needs. Make your work easier by picking the right web browser and save your valuable time with these technologies.


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