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Kenyan Passport

Applying for Kenyan passports before 2017 used to be a hectic process and it usually took ages.

Luckily, e-Passport Kenya has now been digitized and you can simply apply, replace or renew it online.

Kenya’s Immigration Department started rolling out e-passports in 2017 to replace the current generation of manual travel documents, which are set to be phased out on August 31, 2019.

As the deadline looms, long queues have been witnessed at Nyayo House as Kenyans line up as early as 4 am to apply for the e-passports.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of its features, the application procedure, charges, and other crucial information about e-passport Kenya.

New e-Passport Kenya features

All passport holders are required to have the new document by September 1.

Below are the features to expect on the new e-passport:

1. Small electric chip

The chip is vital for it stores and holds your personal details safe.

2. Biometric identifier

Characters that contain the identity of the passport holder.

3. Security features

The purpose of the security features is to ensure that there is use of unauthorized forgery.

4. Digital photograph of the e-Passport holder

The holder of the passport will need to take a digital photograph having in mind that minimal errors can surely lead to the application rejection.

You have to take 3 full face photos; don’t wear a hat while taking it.

Don’t mount the photo and make sure that it is less than ‘2 inches by 1½’ or more than ‘2½ by 2 inches’.

Also, don’t gaze the e-Passport photo, but make sure that the printing is done on a thin as well as normal photographic paper.

E-Passport Kenya fees

The passport type will determine the fees you will be charged.

1. For a Lost passport you will pay Ksh12, 050

2. A 32 pages ordinary ‘A’ Series passport, Ksh4, 550 will be charged.

3. For a mutilated passport, you will have to pay Ksh10, 050.

4. A 48 pages Ordinary ‘B’ Series passport, you will be charged Ksh6, 050

5. For an East Africa passport, Ksh990 will be charged.

6. A 64 pages ‘C’ Series passport will cost you Ksh7, 550.

7. For a diplomatic passport with 48 pages, it will cost you Ksh7, 550.

e-Passport Kenya requirements

Below are the e-Passport Kenya requirements that you are supposed to carry with you during the submission.

Keep in mind that you should do the submission personally in order for your biometrics to be captured as well as your digital passport photo.

1. An original National Identity Card and a photocopy as well.

2. Your parents National Identity Cards and their photocopies.

If they are deceased, then you can carry with you their death certificates.

If you were adopted, then you will have to submit your adoption certificate, which is a clearance letter from the department of children and it must be a court ruling.

3. Your original birth certificate and the photocopy.

4. 3 Digital passport size photographs.

5. Your recommender's National Identity Cards and the photocopies.

6. If you are below the age of 18, you will have to submit written consent from either your parent or guardian.

7. Finally, carry with you the pre-filled e-Passport application form as well as 3 invoices/receipts.

8. If you are replacing, then you will have to carry with you an old passport.

Who can recommend your passport application?

1. Advocate

2. Banker

3. Religious leader

4. Civil servant

5. Doctor

E-passport application Kenya

Here is the procedure:

1. Log in to the eCitizen portal

Make sure you have an internet connection and use any browser to login to the eCitizen portal.

If you don't have an account with the immigration service department then you first have to register.

If you already have one, you can simply enter your details and log in.

2. Click on immigration Kenya e-Passport application form.

Once you get the form, fill it will loads of keenness with all the details required. You don’t have to answer all the questions at once, but ensure the details are right.

3. Select your mode of payment.

The available options are usually M-PESA mobile money, Airtel Money, debit cards, credit, online banking, eCitizen agents, as well as local banks.

4. Print & download your application form.

Confirm what you have filled in your application form before you commence on printing & downloading it.

You should as well print 3 receipts for the application and keep them safe for their vital during submission.

5. Submit the application form.

e-Passport renewal procedure

Kenyan passport renewal for lost or mutilated passport can be done online through the eCitizen portal the same way application for a new Kenyan passport is done.

Note: You will have to carry an old passport for renewal, A police abstract/report on the loss of the passport and a Sworn Affidavit of the circumstances surrounding the loss.

1. Register or log into and Go to Department Of Immigration Services then Passport and Temporary Permits. Read the instructions carefully then fill the application form.

2. Open the Passport Application form and fill it as per the instructions given select the mode of payments convenient to you either through Mpesa or Debit/Credit Card.

3. Download and print out the application form plus three application receipts then, sign and date the form, add any documents or photographs that are needed.

4. Visit the Immigration Center nearest to you in person for biometric fingerprint capture and for processing.

Passport processing takes 10 -15 working days so it is safer to apply for it early before traveling.

Where to apply and submit forms

1. The nearest Huduma Center

2. Nairobi: Ground Floor (North Wing), Nyayo House – Tel +254- 20-2222022

3. Mombasa: PC’s Office Building – Tel:+254-41-2222676

4. Kisumu: New Provincial Headquarters – Tel:+254-057-2024935/2025438/0700596071

5. Eldoret: Public Works Building – Tel: +254-53-6337

6. Garissa: Telefax: 0462102140

7. Embu Huduma Center

8. Nakuru Huduma Center

9. Kenya Embassy, Washington D.C: 2249 R Street, N.W.Washinton D.C 20008 U.S.A – Tel:+12023876101 –

10. Kenya High Commission, London: 45 Portland place London WIBISIAS United Kingdom – Tel:+442076368364 –

In case of any queries, you can contact the Immigration Department via Twitter @ImmigrationDept for swift responses.
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