What If We Stopped the Online Account Selling Culture?

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I am asking every writer who believes they are worth their salt to kick out this account selling culture, and here is why.

In 2012, a writing veteran introduced me to iWriter. iWriter was easy those days, plenty of jobs and you could just sign up and start earning right away.

I made one, just a single one, and moved it to premium, then elite in the old legit way. Those days, you needed 25 four-star and above reviews to get premium and 30 4.5 and above reviews to get to the elite.

Then, I introduced a few friends and they got greedy. They created client accounts and started self-rating accounts and selling them at a small fee. 7k was the highest they sold an elite account.

In July 2012, all Kenyans were banned from iWriter. Account creation with fake ratings had morphed into hacking writer accounts and changing PayPal emails, siphoning off people's hard-earned cash.
I believe this garbage behavior is what brought iWriter to its knees, and forced Brad to sell out to Hoth blogger.

You Kenyans took the same garbage Behaviour to Baby Hoth, Hothbogger, Myams, Textbroker US, and currently Textbroker UK, Writers Domain and everywhere else.

The doors are all shutting in your faces and here is why.

Because most account owners do not know squat about what a good article is.

Most do not even have above par grammar skills. To them, this is business, a middleman deal Like taking apples from South Africa/India at 10 bob apiece and selling at 30 bob. (Good business BTW). But, ask the apple broker how to grow an apple or what makes a good apple, they have no idea.

So, you the writer, are the farmer, selling your apple at 10 bob. If it's mishandled in transit, the consumer will receive a rotten apple and stop ordering from you.

If you forget to clean the apple, the middleman doesn't know shit about cleaning it, they take it to the market dirty, and the consumer won't be amused.

If the consumer asked for Fuji delicious Apple species, and You supply Cortland species because the middleman couldn't pass down the instructions properly, you both get banned from the marketplace.
Then, there is the supplier of the Apple selling business contracts (the Accounts). Their goal is to make a sale, not your success, not the improvement of your Apple farming skills. 

So, you the Apple Farmer, have placed your future in the hands of 2 opportunists. 

And doors will keep shutting in your face till you stop enabling these two opportunists. Go directly to your client.
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