Millennials: Young, Wild and Crucial. You got to love them!

The Institute of Student Employers estimates that Graduate Trainees contribute £1 billion of added value to the UK economy. It’s about time Kenya wakes up and smells the coffee.

They come, they see, and it's anybody's guess what happens next. This has made it harder for employers to put their trust in graduates. But it’s not like the benefits are not there for all to see.

Graduates ask for lower salaries than experienced hires, often with the same potential. At that cost, with their enthusiasm and output, they’d have a higher return on investment.

They got solid business skills from the survivors' camp that is Campus. Hell, these guys freelance on anything and sell everything out here. Presentation skills, data analysis, and stuff that comes with the experience, not to mention technical savviness. That notwithstanding, they are ready to be molded to what you want them to be. Black canvas through and through.

Talk of new perspectives. Boy! They know so much and freely share new ideas with anyone who cares to listen. They can’t help themselves – and when embraced, the diversity of thought injects much-needed impetus in your team’s output. You got to love them!

See Below the 10 Benefits That Hiring Millennials Will Bring To Your Company!

Millennial or also referred as generation Y will occupy 80% of world's employees by the 2018 and you should think twice before rejecting one. If you get a chance to hire a millennial, then do it, that will give your company a new world of opportunities in terms of learning and development.

They are known as the digital generation due to their increasing use of communications, media & digital technologies. Their impressive success rate will surely amaze you. Jennifer Lawrence, Jenna Marbles, and Mark Zuckerberg are some the famous icons of this generation. Due to their tech-savvy nature & increasing competition, millennial all over the world have a lot to offer to any organization than any previous generation.

Now you are interested in hiring a millennial in your company right? Let's discover the benefits of hiring a millennial into your company.

10 benefits of hiring a millennial:

They are genuine:

Millennial guys are always genuine. They will not work against you secretly in the hope that their time will come. They will not carry the intention of getting all the power from you. Usually, they always honor their seniors & they are very loyal.


With constant competition, a millennial always run for personal development rather than necessity. They want to learn & grow to stay ahead in the race. So a paycheck is not the only important thing in their career. Success is their primary goal & they are motivated to earn the success.


Due to availability & motivation to be successful, generation Y are cost effective, Unlike the previous generation, they don't trade their service for a fat paycheck. They are willing to serve on a fair salary at first & in return; they want flexibility, recognition, career development. So you can pay them a suitable wage to beging with (While they get more experience) & get quality service from them.

Think outside the box or creative:

Stiff competition & ever-changing world also make millennials creative. When needed they can & will think outside the box. To find the solution to a problem, they are always creative. They also generate new ideas to go for a new area of improvement.


This generation Y is famous for the ability to progress in their careers. A good career growth attracts them more & they always prefer a job with room to more responsibilities. It means they pick jobs where they think they will have a good growth of their career rather than just work mindlessly. They are self-driven & they will work ruthlessly to prove their competency.

Highly educated:

Another essential feature of the millennial generation is that they are super educated. Most millennial have a degree & they are the most educated generation ever came. Due to the enormous number, they came here after competing with others, so they are also talented. When you combine talent with education, you always get a great candidate.


Being a part of this generation, a millennial also needs to be optimistic. After all economic depression, political chaos, war, poverty, and scarcity of basic needs only spared the brave and optimistic among the generation. If you look at some of the most famous millennial, you will find that they are optimistic & brave.

Ready to accept feedback:

Arrogance is something you will not find among them. They always love the scope of improvement & that's why they love your feedback. They always love constructive criticism to make them better for the future.


This generation grew up with the belief that something which is constant no longer good enough. The continuously changing nature of life also taught them to cope up with new things & trends. Anything that existed for a long time needs to change. This is why the millennial generation is flexible because they know about this continuous changing nature.

Tech savvy:

This is probably the greatest feature of generation Y. Most of the amazing techs have invented in this generation & most of the millennial are tech savvy. They have grown up with computer & all those amazing technological discoveries. Technology is the part of their life & they know technology better than any other generations.

All these features make a millennial a great candidate for a job. If you hire a millennial, then be sure that you will get the employee from the best generation ever existed.


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