Young, Wild and Crucial: You got to love them!


The Institute of Student Employers estimates that Graduate Trainees contribute £1 billion of added value to the UK economy. It’s about time Kenya wakes up and smells the coffee.

They come, they see, and it's anybody's guess what happens next. This has made it harder for employers to put their trust in graduates. But it’s not like the benefits are not there for all to see.

Graduates ask for lower salaries than experienced hires, often with the same potential. At that cost, with their enthusiasm and output, they’d have a higher return on investment.

They got solid business skills from the survivors' camp that is Campus. Hell, these guys freelance on anything and sell everything out here. Presentation skills, data analysis, and stuff that comes with the experience, not to mention technical savviness. That notwithstanding, they are ready to be molded to what you want them to be. Black canvas through and through.

Talk of new perspectives. Boy! They know so much and freely share new ideas with anyone who cares to listen. They can’t help themselves – and when embraced, the diversity of thought injects much-needed impetus in your team’s output. You got to love them!
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