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Leah Mwikali

Two and a half years ago, to be specific June 21st, 2017, I graduated from the school of Girlhood to Motherhood. The transition was however not smooth.

I suffered from post-partum depression. I hated my baby and more so, I could not stand hearing her cry. I felt alone and unworthy, not to mention my studies which I thought I had completed, were a nightmare awaiting.

I did not go for counseling mostly because I barely understood then what was happening. I kept telling myself I am a monster and the world's greatest mom's failure.

Amara, pictured above(zoom in to see what her tee says) was and still is the most peaceful baby, she slept through the night, had no colic related problems, she was perfect. Mom, on the other hand, was a mess.

Social media! Especially Instagram can give you life pressures! It could drive you to insane. Friends and family look like they are making it life; progressing with their careers and seem to have their life together.

On my birthday, October 28th, 2017, it all came crumbling down. For the first time, I noticed my baby cry, I was aware, at the moment, I remember her clenching her tiny hands and I broke down. Ladies and gentlemen it was on my birthday; four months after her birth, that it dawned on me that I was a mother, to a very beautiful girl. I was blessed and a fire in me was ignited. I dedicated the rest of my life to make hers better. She is my little broke best friend 😂.

Shock! January 2018, I went to the university registrar to get my degree audit so that I can begin looking for jobs/internships so as to sustain my weaning baby. With a straight face, he told me I had 17 hours remaining. This was a whole semester!

It felt like a terrible nightmare. School is demanding, money was scarce and a baby not to mention the nanny drama."God! Why? Are you punishing for something? If so forgive me and take this burden away from me or if it is your will, make a way😢." I cried to the Lord kneeling in the washrooms, unashamed and in despair. I thought I was preparing for graduation in June yet here I preparing for psychology classes among other elective courses.

God is faithful not only did I pass exemplary in that particular semester but also encountered no struggle while looking for internships. God is Faithful. Words may fail but our tears get to his heart.

Little did I know that June 28th, 2019 was the appointed day by God to be my graduation day. It was a long time coming from 2013. This day was ultra special. My Mom had retired after 40 years of service on 27th June 2019, it was my eldest nephew's birthday and my baby was turning two. This day pictured above was the epitome crowning of all my tears and hard work.

Ladies and gentlemen, my LinkedIn family, you have offered unsolicited career advice and opportunities. I have genuinely felt concern and empathy from 95% of my connections. Birthday wishes and work anniversaries. Thank you.

Regardless of the time of the year you read this article, keep in mind that I enjoy and value cohesiveness in different environments; work, church, chama or re-union whatever it is, get in touch for the best-priced team bonding packages. Teamwork makes the dream-work. I enjoy human interaction and connection. I feel most alive while at it!

God is faithful. He really is! His timing is perfect, the wait is painful but worth it.

May the good Lord bless your walking in and coming out. Favor will be constant in your life. May his grace follow you for the rest of your life.

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