Google discontinues AdSense mobile apps, will focus on web app instead

Adsense earnings

In July 2019 the Google AdSense team announced they are in the process of deprecating their iOS and Android mobile applications and will provide a single, Progressive Web Application, for AdSense customers.

Google AdSense is the largest web advertising platform in existence, and it's what powers ads on almost every website out there. The Android and iOS apps have offered a way to quickly check earnings and other data while on the go, but now Google is shuttering them in favor of the mobile web app.

AdSense is not the first Google product to adopt PWAs, the Maps team and I believe GMail are also available as a progressive web app.

Google is not alone in the adoption of PWA over native apps, many other high-profile brands like Starbucks, Twitter, Tinder, Pinterest, Uber and Lyft are just a few of these high-profile names to adopt progressive web apps. Many are in the process of phasing out their native applications as well.
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