Graduate Trainee Program at Centum Investment Company: How to Apply

Graduate Trainee Program at Centum Investment Company

Centum Graduate Trainee applications: Centum Investment Company is an investment company in East Africa and an affiliate of the Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation which is owned by the Kenyan government. Below is a summary of the key requirements of the employment and internship opportunities available at Centum.

Key requirements to work for Centum investments

Centum employees have different are from diverse academic fields, however, centum mostly employs individuals with a bachelor’s degree or diploma in accounts, finance or mathematics. Proficiency in mathematics and computer is also a key requirement. New employees of centum receive a great deal of mentorship and training upon being hired by the company. During this training, the employees get introduced to the key principles of investment and the policy of the company.

Centum trainee program

The graduate trainee program offered by Centum is a good platform that you can use to gain experience and hopefully make professional connections before getting a job. Centum often takes in both undergraduate and graduate interns for a mentorship and training program.

Key requirements for the Centum trainee program

  • Undergraduate Degree (Upper Second Class and above) in courses that align with the work of centum.
  • O-level Grade of A- and above.
  • attained either CPA, CFA ACCA, or CTs.
  • Must be a fresh graduate or final year undergraduate.

How to Apply

All applications for the Centum trainee program are done through the career portal of the company’s website. The submitted applications are thoroughly evaluated to ascertain whether a candidate has met all the professional qualifications for the program. The shortlisted candidates then go through a series of Aptitude tests, written analytical assessment Management and Exco interviews, one on one interviews with department and business heads, Psychometric assessment, A test of the candidates’ personality, preferences and abilities and lastly, the successful candidates are inducted into the program for training.
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