Top 10 Coding Schools in Kenya

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Coding schools in Kenya offer different courses at varying costs. For aspiring developers, choosing the best coding school can be confusing. The programming languages used in software development are similar. Does that mean you can learn to code anywhere?

The reality is that you can break or make your career by your choice of coding school. You can get a certificate and then spend the rest of your lives trying to build your career. Determine from the beginning how far you want to go as a developer.

Are you looking for papers or skills? Papers get you into the field and if you are lucky enough, you can get a job. Skills set you apart from the flock. You suddenly realise you do not need a job but can create a job for yourself and others.

The list below makes it easy for you to choose the best coding school in Kenya. Bear your career goals in mind as you go through the list.

1. Muva Academy

Do you remember everything you studied in high school? Do you wonder why you attended some classes and panicked during exams? We get it! You can spend time in a class, read but not learn. Muva Academy offers a skill-based approach to learn. The lessons cover the major programming languages including PHP/Laravel, Django, Python, and Ruby among others.

With such an approach, the goal is to pass on the right skills that you actually need. The mentors do not flood your mind with unnecessary information. The approach differentiates the Academy from other coding schools in Kenya. The courses take a few weeks to complete.

Here is another advantage. The mentors are veterans in the software development industry in Kenya. Hence, you acquire skills that are tailor-made for the market and beyond. Students have a chance to interact with their mentors directly, ask questions, and test their acquired skills.

2. Andela

Andela is a leadership program that runs in Kenya and Nigeria. It takes 4 years to complete the program but you must pass the application process. You may need basic coding skills to join the leadership program. The application process includes an aptitude test, self-study course, personalized interviews and a bootcamp for two weeks.

The applicants that pass all the levels of the application process qualify for the leadership program. The aim of the school is to raise software developers that can work anywhere in the globe. Hence, the admission process is about strict and requires much input from the students.

3. Moringa

Moringa School offers software development and data science lessons. Students can register for either full stack development or specialise in mobile development. Some of the courses covered in the school include Android development, Java, Django, and Python. Aspiring software developers must attend the mandatory preparation course that takes about 5 weeks.

Students graduate to the core course that takes about 15 weeks. You cannot enrol for the core course before completing the prep program successfully. The courses at Moringa are full-time. You must be prepared to set aside time for the prep and core programs. The fee varies depending on the courses that you choose.

4. eMobilis

The institute aims at helping students to build innovative solutions, especially mobile solutions. Hence, part of the students includes IT professionals looking for developing skills to build solutions for their companies. The school emphasizes on entrepreneurship after graduation.

Some of the courses covered at eMobilis include Android app development, Laravel, MIT, Python, USSD, and cybersecurity. The school has several intakes throughout the year. The fee varies across the courses offered.

5. Africa Digital Media institute (ADMI)

ADMI offers several courses that are categorised into foundation, professional, and diploma course. It is one of the coding schools in Kenya that offer app development as part of its diploma program. If you enrol for this program, you will need to study for 5 full terms to graduate.

In addition to mobile app development, ADMI offers lessons in entrepreneurship and game development. If you are enthusiastic about creating mobile games, the courses at this institute will suit you. Developers get additional lessons in digital marketing in the diploma program.

6. iLab Africa

The school offers one specialised course for developer alongside other IT courses. Consider iLab if you are looking for a school that specializes in Android development. The course runs for 3 months. The course includes individual projects that students must submit before the 3 months end.

You get professional training in the most popular platform (Android). However, if you need to develop apps for other platforms, you may need to join another school like Muva Academy. The Academy offers both IOS and Android development courses.

7. MAT Academy

The Academy offers web development and Android development courses. Similar to iLab, you may need an alternative like Muva Academy to learn IOS development. Some of the web development lessons covered in the school include HTML, Javascript, CSS, and WordPress.

One advantage of the MAT academy is that it combines both on-campus and distance learning programs. Hence, if you live far from Nairobi or have no time to attend a physical class, you can join the distance learning program. You will miss the interactions with other students and tutors but achieve your career goals.

8. 2KO Kenya

2KO is a training program that runs in 18 different countries in Africa. The program is part of 2KO International that aims at creating a platform for global IT professionals to share their skills. The delegates that run the program in Africa majorly come from the UK. Kenya is one of the beneficiaries of the initiative.

The institute has campuses in Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru and Mombasa. Some of the courses you can register for at the school include UI and UX design, Android app development, and Javascript and CSS3 for web development.

9. Inceptor

The ICT offers a range of courses including Web design and development, python, Android development, and Java. Other courses include graphic design, video editing, MIT, and digital marketing. The courses are offered separately.

If you are looking for coding lessons, you will benefit from the Android development program. The course duration ranges from one to four months depending on the course you choose. The fee is also dependent on the course.

10. Tech Camp

The school organises technical training bootcamps that run for specific days in a week. Most of the bootcamps are held in Nairobi’s city centre. Some of the lessons covered in the bootcamps scheduled for this year include python programming, API development, and Android app development.


You now have more than one choice for a coding school. However, you are better off in a school that offers all major coding lessons like Muva Academy. Consider your preferred area of specialization when choosing the school. Most of the coding schools in Kenya offer Android development but few offer iOS app development. It is advisable to gain skills in both platforms to stay ahead of other developers

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