How to withdraw money from Payoneer (to BANK a/c or M-PESA) in Kenya

Payoneer (to BANK ac or M-PESA) in Kenya
The constant growth in global trade and the need for cheap easy and efficient cross-border payments has grown over the years. Payoneer money transfer is one of the innovative products that seek to bridge this gap. The platform is especially beneficial to individuals selling or purchasing in e-commerce platforms, freelancers, and foreign remittance home from the diaspora. The Master Card affiliate Payoneer card ensures access to money at local banks and ATMs at low-cost billing rates.

Withdrawing Money from Payoneer to Your Local Bank Account

This is possible only if your bank approves your Payoneer account details.

  • Login to your account
  • Go to the “WITHDRAW’ SECTION on the Menu and then click on “TO BANK”e.g Payoneer to KCB
  • Select your BANK ACCOUNT
  • Enter the sum you want to withdraw
  • Select the NEXT button that leads to the transaction CONFIRM button

Wait for 4 to 5 working days for your bank account to be credited with the amount. The money transfer claims on its site that Payoneer withdraws to bank account fees are 90% less than other competitors.

How to Withdraw Money from Payoneer to Your MPESA

Note that is a third-party service provider that facilitates withdrawals from Payoneer to Mpesa. Payoneer doesn’t support this natively.

  • Log into your account or sign up here:
  • Select SEND MONEY
  • Then from the options provided choose to SEND TO ANOTHER CARD
  • After making this selection, at the dialogue box requesting an email address enter
  • In the AMOUNT dialogue box enter your desired amount to be withdrawn(In this case sent to a third party for a physical withdrawal)
  • Enter your e-pay user name on the empty field
  • Press the CONTINUE button
  • You will get a confirmatory email for the transaction indicating initiation of the transaction
  • A second email will be sent to you indicating whether the transaction has been approved or not

The final step is waiting which usually takes 20 minutes to complete the money transfer to your e-pay account

Alternatively, you can send the money to your MPESA.

There will, however, be a 10-minute need to wait for the money to reflect on your mobile money (MPESA).
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