Different Ways to Make Money With Amazon


Kindle Publishing – Initially Amazon was an online book store before it expanded to what it is today. Most publishers on Kindle are not even the ones who have written the books they just good at marketing the e-books they have listed. E-books are usually short like 30-50 pages and can be sold from $0.99. – $12 or even more. They are not stories but ‘how-to’ books and are niche-specific. If you want to write about weight loss there is no need to writing a boring 600 pages book instead divide the chapters and publish each chapter as an e-book. That way you are likely to more impactful and this will lead to more revenue being generated for your business.

Online Arbitrage – Most sellers on Amazon are building their own brand but with online arbitrage that is not the case, but this concept is based on flipping products, for instance, you find a particular product is $50 on Amazon but on Walmart website, the exact product retails at $25.When you list the product at $50 on amazon but sourcing it from Walmart and making a 20%-30% profit that foam of business is called online arbitrage and it is making so many YouTubers a lot of cash even though it is not a sustainable source of income like Amazon FBA but it is a good place to get started.

Amazon FBA – FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon where you allow Amazon to pick, pack and ship your orders. With Amazon FBA your products are at Amazon warehouse and customer service regarding your products is offered by Amazon. Your job is just marketing making it easier for you to scale up and brand since there is little to handle/think about.

Amazon Associate – This is Amazon affiliate program and as an associate, you have access to all products listed on Amazon and can promote whichever product you feel like, associates receive a commission when a purchase is made using their link. Referral commission varies from product to product and can go as high as 10%. Links can be shared on blog posts, websites or YouTube review videos.
Audible by Amazon – Audible is a place you can access audiobooks at a subscription fee of $17 every month. But subscribers get their first month free. Audible has a CPA program that rewards its publishers $5 whenever someone goes on trial. To run a successful business with Audible all you need is to create a book review blog/website where you give your thoughts regarding a particular book and then share your audible link and help your readers make the decision to subscribe to audible. Please note that audible is part of Amazon associates

Amazon Prime – this is a membership that gives it’s subscribers a chance to stream videos, music, ebooks, have access to free shipping and other deals on Amazon. It gives its members a one-month free time trial. When you create a review on YouTube or a blog and people sign up to Amazon Prime with your link you end up making $3 per sign up.

There is so much to do on Amazon and make lots of cash from it all you need to do is conduct thorough research. Please do not cheat on these programs as you will be banned. $ads={2}
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