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There are a million ways that one can use to make money online but in this article, I will be discussing eight different ways to make money online. They are simple to get into since most of them require no or very little capital to get started, as a matter of fact, some of these methods do not even require a website or any skills. Now here is a list of 8 things you can do and make money online.

CPA Marketing – CPA means cost per action and this is where I started when I ventured into internet marketing. All you need to do is share your link on social media and when people register for anything online by submitting their email address and a name you make some cash. is a good example of a CPA marketing program where there are over 3000 offers to promote. We have even compiled a video on our YouTube channel on how max-bounty works so feel free to watch. Apart from email submit CPA programs pay a commission to their publishers when someone goes on trial for instance-creating a trial account on audible one receives a commission of $5.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is almost similar to CPA marketing only that sales have to be made for one to earn a commission. It was my second thing to do when I got into digital marketing. I prefer promoting hosting packages and training because they pay higher commission plus my niche moves hand in hand with these products. Affiliate commission is always recurring, unlike CPA commission. Please note that both CPA marketing and affiliate marketing programs are free to join some might require your website but all you need to provide is your social media link if you have no website.

YouTube – I started my own YouTube channel back in December 2017 and my first video which has 7k views made me $12k in one year. I have never monetized my YouTube channel with Google Adsense, I would leave links in the description where people would sign up or buy products that I was affiliated to. You can do a tone of things on YouTube like reviewing clothes, salons, travel companies, barbershop, teaching, preaching and so much more and monetize it by asking people to donate, sell your courses and products and also get sponsorship from companies you are reviewing.

Selling Photos – Every day new businesses are launched online and every entrepreneur tries to reduce the cost of production by sourcing the best and most affordable services. Photography is one of them and entrepreneurs are not will to hire a full-time photographer since they are expensive and they are sourcing images from apps like foam and websites like Smugmug, adobe stock and Shutterstock. Let me be honest with you I have never done this photography thing before but guess what I have seen a tone of Youtubers make money with it and I want to start doing it with my phone. If you are poor in photography like me just go to and sign up for 2 months free trial and access photography lessons and on top of that you will be taught how to earn from your photos.

Dropshipping – This is one of the most lucrative business models to get into, it is through this method that Kyle Jenner became a billionaire-by sourcing a supplier who took care of production, packaging, and delivery and with 14 members of staff she built a billion-dollar business. All you need is a website with Shopify and source products from Aliexpress or other dropshipping companies/manufacturers. What makes it so easy to get started is Shopify gives you 14 days trial, free fulfillment tool called Oberlo and a tone of other apps and above that you handle no inventory making it easy to work from anywhere in the world. On Aliexpress products are listed at $2 and one can list the same product in their Shopify store at $14.99 so when a customer orders from your website you just pay $2 for the product and keep the rest as profit

Freelancing – Back in 2014 when I was in college I started asking myself what I could do to make some extra cash. That is when I reached out to an awesome grandma of mine and she said to me’ your cousins work online let me ask them to hire you.’ I started as a writer and guess what I hated it so much but continued doing it for money and eventually gave up. Later on, I realized I could freelance my skills like web design and proposal writing and earn something extra.

Publishing E-books – E-books can earn you tones of money in various ways starting with publishing them on kindle to embedding affiliate links in them. It might not be profitable at the beginning but as time goes by everything improves. E-books are not long and they can be even 30 pages they state facts, are brief and straight to the point. Most people who earn from e-books recommend you write like 10 different e-books and list them on Amazon if each e-book earns you $200 a month then that is $2000 a month residual income. Remember you put in the work of writing book ones but it keeps selling every day.

Blogging – Gone are the days when bloggers used to rely heavily on google Adsense to earn some money online, thanks to the paid partnership, e-commerce, paid reviews, paid advertising and affiliate marketing more income can now be generated from blogs. All you need is a domain name and a hosting that will cost you around $40 in your first year and you can get your blog started.
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