Ways To Earn Extra Money As A Kenyan Campus Student

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Following the calls from my younger cousins who are campus students, their cute voices on the phone trying to convince me to send them money that always gets me in the box to send them what they want. I decided to do some research and list for you 7 Ways To Earn Extra Money As A Kenyan Campus Student while still pursuing their career. Here is what I got.

Online Academic Writing

Online writing has become quite popular as a source of good money. I know a few of my friends who used to do that when I was in college and judging by their lifestyle, the gig pays quite well. All you need to start is an active account with any online academic writing platform, a laptop/desktop and a consistent internet connection. The job pays up to Ksh 3000 ($30) for a 2500 word essay/write-up or whatever they call it.

Online Transcription

Transcription is the activity of converting analog audio words to text. Therefore, as you guessed, online transcription involves converting recorded speeches, interviews to text (sort of like writing subtitles since you have to use timestamps and indicate the participants). This job, unlike academic writing, is available most of the times and it’s rare to find a day where there is no job. You can easily get from Ksh 500 ($5) to Ksh 1000 ($10) for transcribing a 10-minute audio track. Given that, you can earn up to Ksh 3000 per day depending on your speed and rating.


Probably you are good at something within your course or maybe not from your course already. Why don’t you use that to your advantage? In my life in college, I used to get some freelance Website design gigs although scattered throughout the year. Platforms like Upwork and Freelancer have gone the extra mile and brought you more freelancing jobs than you can finish. Depending on your area of specialization and flexibility, Freelancing can earn you a huge amount of money.

Use your Talent

Rappers and singers perform in events, models showcase their modeling skills, actors and actresses act, dancers dance and so on. It's about finding the value of your talent and knowing to what limits you can show your talents for free. If you are extremely good at your talent. You will definitely get something from it. It's about knowing the right people and working hard to gain connections and recognition. Singers like Elani and Avril started their extremely successful music career while in college.

University/College Politics

Are you interested in politics, or do you think you can lead the comrades? Then become a student leader. They get paid pretty well. In addition, college politics are a great foundation for national politics. Take an example of Babu Owino, who was Nairobi Universities’ student leader and ended up becoming the MP for Embakasi. Check out the following video for some funny tips.


Starting a business is the first solution to everyone's poverty. Why don't you take that bold step and use all your HELB money (if you get some) to buy some stock of a certain product that you think your fellow comrades will want to buy, or outside citizens. When I was in college, I wish I had done that. Become a delivery guy, provide manicures and pedicures, sell cosmetics and clothes, etc.

Get a part-time job

Look for an easy job that you can do outside class hours. I don’t recommend missing classes for a job. Even serving at an M-Pesa (mobile money transfer) shop will work, never put a standard on yourself unless you earn more than the job.

Now you have 7 Ways To Earn Extra Money As A Kenyan Campus Student. Better die trying than live hungry.
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