Fluffy Homemade Buttermilk Pancake Recipe

Buttermilk Pancake

While many resort to pancake mix when making a special weekend breakfast, homemade pancakes are a must. TRY THIS FLUFFY, HOMEMADE BUTTERMILK PANCAKES RECIPE THAT’S QUICK, EASY AND A FAMILY FAVORITE!

Buttermilk Pancake Recipe


☛2 Eggs

☛1 cup buttermilk - Take a cup of milk and squeeze in 1 tbsp. of lemon/vinegar. Mix it and let it stay for about 10 minutes. It will be thick

☛40 gm (About 3 Tbsp.) Sugar

☛Self-rising flour (140gm/1 cup)


Give them a quick whisk until mixed. In a sieve, sift the Self-raising flour into the liquid mixture. Sifting helps eliminate the lumps in the flour. Mix well with a whisk. If you use a fork it will not give you a smooth batter. Mix until all the flour is fully incorporated. The mixture SHOULD be thick when done.

Heat your pan and add little oil when using a nonstick pan. Using a suitable ladle, pour the pancake batter into the hot pan and allow to spread by itself without turning the pan. On medium heat, allow cooking until you see the holes on top and the surface dries up. It will take about 1 minute.

To confirm it's done, lift one end to see the bottom is nice and brown. Turn to cook the second surface. Depending on one's taste you can cook the first side till dark but take care not to BURN! The second side cooks faster so take care not to leave it unattended.

When cooked the pancake will be dry with small holes on the inside. Notice the center is dry and cooked through. Repeat the process and stack up until the pancakes are ready for serving.

As long as you follow the recipe and keep an eye on the heat, you'll produce something that looks like pancakes. If your flipping skills are a bit messy, don't worry! You'll get better with practice. When in doubt, refer to our essential tips for making pancakes so you can whip up an impressive stack to serve to your friends and family.

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