The best way we can take care of our teeth to remain strong and healthy

Take care of our teeth to remain strong and healthy

Clean healthy teeth are an asset to everyone’s good appearance. Teeth play a vital role in the initial stages of the digestion of food. They chew the food and break it down for easy swallowing. They aid in speech and add to facial appearance and expression.

Care of the teeth

Although teeth are very strong, they need to be taken care of. There are many bacteria that live inside the human mouth. Some of these bacteria cause tooth decay. They also combine with saliva and food residues and form a sticky substance called plaque.

A build-up of plaque on the surface of the teeth can cause gum disease. Plaque is easily removed by brushing. If it is not removed, it hardens and forms a substance called tartar. This can only be removed by a doctor.

Bacteria in the mouth feed on food residues, mainly sugar, and produce an acid. This acid attacks the enamel, then the dentine. If it infects the pulp cavity, it causes pain which is commonly known as a toothache. If the infection spreads deep into the tooth, it becomes rotten and has to be extracted.

For your teeth to remain strong and healthy, take care of them as follows:

Brush your teeth at least twice a day – in the morning after breakfast, and in the evening before going to bed. Use a suitable toothbrush and toothpaste to clean the teeth to freshen your breath. If you do not have a toothbrush, chew one end of a suitable twig to improvise one. Use the loose fiber as a toothbrush. Sharpen its other end and use it to clean between teeth.  If you do not have toothpaste, use a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and salt in equal amounts to make a toothpaste. This works just like toothpaste. Spread some of this powder on a wet toothbrush. In the absence of bicarbonate of soda, plain salt works equally well.

Floss your teeth once in a while. To floss is to clean between individual teeth using dental floss. Dental floss is a thread that is used to remove food and plaque between the teeth.

Rinse the mouth well after brushing.

Pay regular visits to the dentist, at least twice in a year, for dental check-ups.

To exercise your jaw and strengthen your teeth, eat hard food occasionally. You can, for example, chew raw carrots or sugarcane.

Eat a diet that contains enough supply of calcium, phosphorus, and fluorine, and vitamins A, D, and C. All these are essential for healthy teeth.
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